importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Import from China / Import of goods from China / Order purchase of goods from China with Alivala company

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Registering a purchase order from China

Do you know how to register a purchase order from China? Are you familiar with the important steps of trade with China? Do you know why Iran has the most international trade with China? For international trade, there are many countries that can be traded with, but one of the target countries for most Iranians is China. Because this country has had a good business relationship with Iran for a long time. China can be considered one of the developed and large countries in East Asia. In recent years, this country has been able to become one of the world's great economic powers with mass production and large exports. Currently, this country has a large level of exports in the world market. In the following, we will provide more explanations about how to register a purchase order from China.

Necessary measures to import and register a purchase order from China

As a novice trader who is planning to import directly from China, you should familiarize yourself with all the steps of this process. Registering a purchase order from China is one of the important and sensitive steps that must be done by observing and considering all the specifications and parameters. During the import process, you are importing a product, and it is definitely the product required by the Iranian market, which has already been researched a lot. There are very important steps that you have to take abroad or in China after doing the necessary activities inside the country. Some of these important activities and applications are:

• The first step you should take in China is to identify the exporter or manufacturer. Despite the many manufacturers and exporters in this country, you must first do a lot of research and find the best brand of the desired product and proceed to the next steps.

• Now it's time to take the necessary steps to negotiate with the exporter and manufacturer. During the meetings you will have with the exporters, you should talk about all the conditions and points. Most importantly, the amount of purchase, price, quality, how to transport, money transfer, etc. should all be taken into consideration.

• Before the agreement is signed and before you register the purchase order from China, we must make the necessary arrangements to receive the desired product sample. You should pay attention to the fact that no contract is concluded between the two parties before receiving the sample.

• Now it's time to check the desired sample before registering the purchase order from China. After you have checked the received sample and even all its specifications and technical testing regarding the health and safety of the product have been done, you can enter into a contract.

The most important stages of buying from China

Obtaining the proforma is considered at this stage, which must be done in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the final contract between the two parties, and all specifications and conditions must be included in the proforma.

• After completing all the steps for import, it is now time to register a purchase order from China. To register your order, you need a warehouse receipt number so that the experts can register your order based on this receipt number.

• Now it is the turn of the customs declaration, during this stage, the customs affairs experts will check all the specifications and explanations contained in the document or proforma, and if these specifications match and are approved by the experts, the necessary approval will be issued by the customs value department.

• The most important stage of goods clearance is that you must present many required documents such as proforma, bill of lading, warehouse receipt number, certificate of origin, etc. They will provide the desired. Then your product will move towards the exit door, and of course, at this stage, you have to pay the costs including the cost of goods clearance, as well as actions such as transit and transportation. For the transit and transfer of the cargo, the necessary permits must be obtained in advance and the necessary arrangements must be made with the vehicle in question, the vehicle is also determined according to the weight of the cargo, and for this purpose, the cargo is weighed first.

Why trade with China?

During the recent years, imports from China to Iran have increased greatly; Because the products manufactured in China are produced day by day with quality and new technologies. On the other hand, this country sells all its products at a reasonable price, and this issue tempts businessmen. It is better to know that the clearance of the desired product exported from China will be one of the most trafficked routes due to the high level of imports from China. Do you know what most products imported from China include? As mentioned, China is one of the largest developed countries where thousands of manufacturing companies are currently operating and competing with each other. This country is one of the largest exporters that currently produces all the products as well as the devices and machines needed in all areas with extremely high quality.

China's commercial power has developed so much in recent years that it now has no competitors in the world market. Products imported from China in recent years include all types of household appliances, pharmaceutical products, office equipment, decorations, electrical equipment, machines and production line devices, all of which enter the country's market with great diversity. Although choosing the country of manufacture is a very simple task for Iranian businessmen and they choose China for business at the very beginning, but it is better to know that many manufacturers in this country compete with each other to produce any product. Now there are many different brands of different types of products in this country, after choosing a brand in this country it is a very complicated task and you must first do the necessary research about all the manufacturing companies. As a result, after this work, a contract is signed with the relevant company and the stage of registering a purchase order from China takes place.

Marketing is the most important stage of import 

Considering that international business is a difficult and complex process, many of us consider only the steps that are related to doing activities abroad. It is better to know, before you even try to obtain a business card, there are very important and effective steps in your success that must be taken into account. One of the most important stages of import is marketing and also registration of purchase order from China, which marketing is considered first. As you mentioned, the first step is to check the type of product that we import to meet its needs. In fact, we are going to research the market demand and import the product, which will sell well in the market.

The most important step in business is marketing, since most investors are interested in international business due to the benefits of international trade, it is better to familiarize yourself with steps such as marketing and even how to register a purchase order from China. Finding domestic customers is also one of the most important stages of zero to one hundred imports. How to market? How to convince our customers? It is a separate topic, you must find enough information in this field and go to the customers who are looking to buy the desired product, as a result, by establishing a very polite and good business relationship, you will convince them to be among your customers. In fact, you will identify your customers before importing, and after clearance of the shipment, you will no longer have to worry about not selling the desired product. Now, marketing and finding your customers is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of experience and information.

The best way to do international business

Statistics show that the largest volume of import and export is done by sea transportation method and this method can be considered as one of the most common methods of import and export transportation. Because half of the earth is covered by water and most of the countries in the world have access to open water, for this reason, you can choose this method for importing and exporting with any country. The sea transportation method, as its name suggests, is carried out through the open waters of seas and oceans, as well as vehicles such as ships and large barges. When placing a purchase order from China, you must also choose the appropriate shipping method, which is the most suitable method including the sea method. Usually, with the help of the sea method, you can trade with most of the countries in the world, and it is considered one of the most suitable methods for long routes.

The most important advantages of the sea transportation method are its cost-effectiveness and the fact that you do not have any restrictions on the volume of imported cargo. But on the contrary, in the air method, both the costs are very high and you are limited in terms of the volume of imported cargo. Now, if the country of export is China, after buying and registering a purchase order from China, you should choose a suitable method according to the prevailing conditions. Usually, for trade with China, the sea method is one of the most appropriate and cost-effective methods that most traders use for import and export, unless the imported cargo is food, which may spoil during transportation. There is a sea. Even sometimes, you have to bring some very important and necessary cargoes into the country in a short period of time, and therefore it is recommended to choose the air method. In any case, the sea method will be considered the best and most economical method.


As mentioned, import is done as international trade to supply the products needed by every society. Now, in order to import the desired product, you have to go through many steps and somehow you are going to pass Haft Khan Rostam. Familiarity with zero to one hundred international trade is among the priorities of all traders; Because if you don't have enough experience and information, you can't handle things well. It can be said that all steps of international trade are important and one should get a lot of information about all of them. One of the best and most important steps is to choose a shipping method and place a purchase order from China. As you know, there are many shipping methods for international trade, but which method is suitable must be subject to the rules.

To choose a suitable method, we must first follow the rules, and as a result, the transportation method is chosen according to the type of budget and the prevailing conditions. And the best ones to mention, you should name the sea transportation method. On the other hand, many methods are considered for doing business with China, which is usually the step of registering a purchase order from China, which is one of the most sensitive steps that requires experience and knowledge. If you are among the novices who do not have much skill in this field, you should seek help from well-known businesses such as Aliwala. The cost of cooperation of this collection with you, dear traders, is more affordable than other centers.

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