importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


About us

About Alivala Trading Company

Alivala trading company
Alivala trading company

We settled in China in 1385 and since the beginning of this year, we have started our economic and commercial activities in the field of imports from China by the grace of Almighty God and now with more than a decade of brilliant work experience in the fields of Various trades and economic markets, domestic and foreign, always with the aim of improving the conditions and atmosphere of domestic business and conducting successful foreign trade, with the motto of customer orientation, has been able to contribute to the success and efforts of its customers with the grace of God Almighty and their satisfaction. Our head office is in the holy city of Qom and our commercial office is in Guangzhou, China. We have a lot of experience in trade with China , customs and trade. Our main goal is to provide all commercial services, as well as purchase and send all kinds of commercial goods to our customers from China, among the things we deal with.  With more than a decade of experience in the field of domestic and foreign commercial services and purchasing goods from China , we have a value added certificate, economic code, commercial card, as well as various bank accounts active inside and outside the country, and we are able to respond to all We will try to do better for you dear ones

Domestic facilities of the country

With our central office in Qom and personnel located in Bushehr customs and Imam airport for the clearance of all kinds of commercial goods, as well as having translators and  local personnel in China, we are ready to provide services such as buying, transporting and clearing goods  from Chinese customs. Having multiple accounts in Chinese banks, the problem of transferring the currency resulting from the export of goods and transferring it to the account of foreign sellers is easily solved, and we provide any authorized business services with China to our customers as soon as possible. Having sufficient records in the field of commercial services of importing goods from China by employing experienced workers, we focus on purchasing, ordering production, sending and transporting goods from Chinaand clearing goods from all customs of the country from every corner of the world. Also, having personnel stationed in all customs offices, it is able to clear the permitted commercial goods along with obtaining inquiries and confirmations from the desired organizations of the country's customs. For the well-being of our customers, we proudly announce that all commercial services are provided with economic code, value-added certificate and official sales invoice, which can be provided to all natural and legal persons if they wish.  Considering the problems that some foreign companies have for direct trade with Iran, we have established independent commercial offices abroad to transfer import currency or to receive foreign currency from exports, which has enabled us to To solve many problems of respectable merchants

capabilities   Obtaining the registration of the  import order of all kinds of permitted commercial goods  Obtaining various inquiries for foreign purchases,  contracts with various domestic and foreign shipping lines for container transportation or LCL bulk cargo, contracts with airlines, air transportation with Mahan and Emirates,  transportation by rail and road  Fast delivery by post and the possibility of obtaining samples from China  Having all kinds of bank accounts in international banks to transfer imported currency and also to receive currency from the export of goods Equipped with a modern and roofed warehouse for storing all types of commercial goodswith experienced and specialized personnel in all customs of the country to clear all permitted commercial goods as soon as possible, especially Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Imam airport customs.  Providing official invoice, economic code, certificate of added value for all Barezgani services

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