importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Importing new and used plastic injection machines from China

Buying new and used plastic injection machines from China

Purchasing plastic injection machines from China
Purchasing plastic injection machines from China

Import of plastic injection machine from China

Do you know that importing plastic injection machines from China is a profitable business?

Do you know that despite the growth of your business, the import of these devices is also effective for the economic growth of the country

Import of plastic injection machine from China

As you know, China has been a business partner of Iran for many years and imports various products to all parts of the world, especially Iran, for this reason, we intend to provide you with information about the import of plastic injection machines.

What is a plastic injection machine?

As you know, China has been known as a commercial giant in the world for a long time, and this country has been able to import many different products to Iran. One of these imports was a plastic injection machine from China, which is actually a product. which can be used to form polymers and all kinds of soft plastics and produce various products. Many manufacturers are trying to promote the import of plastic injection machines from China and import such products from Iran. And today, the plastic injection machine has attracted many fans and managed to gain a very high position in the market

Importing popular devices from China to Iran

As you know, traders import many products to Iran every year, and these products may be among the most popular options in the field of import. Importing plastic equipment, agriculture, clothing, shoes, etc. can be such options that have many fans in Iran.

Plastic injection machines are one of the main needs of any country, which are not produced in Iran. The lack of high-quality raw materials or the lack of sufficient knowledge in this field can be considered two important factors of non-production.

Therefore, inevitably, some of these word processing devices needed in various industries are imported from other countries such as China. China is one of several countries that is very strong and professional in the field of trade and has a very good relationship with Iran. This country benefits from sufficient knowledge, great power and more advanced machines in the field of producing production line devices. Although many countries can be the source of importing such products, trade with China is more profitable. You may ask why import? Or what is the reason for importing plastic injection machines from China? The lack of sufficient facilities is one of the most important reasons, but maybe the production of some products inside is more expensive, so importing will be the best solution

But in many cases, some of these machines are also produced in the country, but the lack of sufficient quality causes them to be imported. On the other hand, maybe this domestic production has a good quality, but the customer is looking for a variety of foreign materials. Secondly, all the countries of the world produce products. They import their needs, which will sometimes be better for the country's economy. Importing from China requires enough expertise and skill that you must first be familiar with all the rules and regulations. To better understand this issue, it is better to first familiarize yourself with plastic injection machines and their types

What is a plastic injection machine?

Today, we are witnessing the production of very advanced and efficient equipment and machines for use in all industries. The plastic injection machine is one of these very modern and efficient machines that have been produced according to modern science. This device is one of the most widely used and important devices used to shape polymers. Forming plastic raw materials was a very difficult task, with such machines, today's industries have developed. Of course, the main goal of workshop machine manufacturers is ease of work and increasing the production process as a result of high production efficiency. In the past, not only the work of plastic injection and molding was done with traditional methods, but all things were done in this way. But today, such advanced and powerful machines cause a boom in production and, as a result, the economy of the company and the country

Types of plastic injection machines

As mentioned, the plastic injection machine is one of the most advanced machines used to shape plastic raw materials. This machine shapes the raw materials inside its special molds. But this product, like other efficient devices, is designed in different models. The types of plastic injection machines are:

Hydraulic plastic injection machine

Hydraulic machines are among the old models that are not very efficient nowadays. With the introduction of electric devices, these models were less used. In this model, hydraulic jacks were used to push the two halves of the mold together. As a result, the melted plastic material was inserted into the mold cavity and the material was shaped

Electric plastic injection machine

Electric plastic injection devices have a special place in applied industries today. This machine is equipped with a high-speed and strong motor that will digitally control the production process of plastic parts. The accuracy, speed and repeatability of this model are much higher than hydraulic models. But the main advantage and superiority of this model over hydraulic models is that the energy consumed in electric plastic injection machines is less.

Hybrid plastic injection machine

Another model of plastic injection machines is hybrid machines, which are a combination of two electric and hydraulic machines. This model of plastic injection machine is very popular; Because it has very high repeatability and very low energy consumption. This new generation has less noise than the previous two models and the efficiency of this device is higher than other devices

Advantages of importing plastic injection machines from China

The purchase of industrial machinery, including the import of plastic injection machines from China, as an industrial product, has the largest share of imports in the country. One of the most important factors in increasing the import of plastic injection machines or all industrial machines and production lines are the sanctions against the country. Despite the sanctions, manufacturing industries will have to expand their production to meet the needs of the market, and many people will also create jobs in this field.

With this in mind, to set up any industry and workshop, advanced machines such as this efficient machine are needed, which can be imported from any country. However, devices such as plastic injection and various molding machines are among the important and basic equipment of polymer production, which facilitate and increase the production speed. These devices are not produced in the country, but the government or many businesses invest in this field, which is a very profitable business. This import and clearance, like the trade of other goods, should be done according to the rules and regulations

Do not underestimate the import of machinery such as plastic injection machines, because the government supports this business due to its economic growth in terms of job creation. Plastic is one of the businesses that has a very good sales market, so most smart people invest in setting up a production line for such products with this bad economic situation. Therefore, the purchase of plastic injection machines is in line with the work of many of these investors. So, considering that plastic molding and injection machines are widely used in manufacturing industries, importing plastic injection machines from China is the best business in the world.

Import and clearance rules for plastic injection machines

Before importing the plastic injection machine from China or other countries, it is better for you to familiarize yourself with all the rules and regulations first. This knowledge will help you perform better and boost your business. Although there are no specific rules for the import and clearance of such industrial products; However, there are some points that should be considered. Before any action, a detailed planning will bring you one step closer to your goal. But you should know that sometimes there are new regulations with newer rules that you should be aware of all of them so that there is no problem for your business. But the most important principle of success is that you personally become familiar with all the points and follow all the steps

Import tariff of plastic injection machine from China

The machines of the production sector are the most important devices and equipments that are used to turn the wheels of many factories. To start any industry and workshop, these equipments must be prioritized. For some reasons, to meet the needs of the market, it is necessary to import these machines, because the import of plastic injection machines from China or any other country has specific tariffs. Due to the fact that this business is supported by the government and the Ministry of Mining Industry, it is a large and profitable business that many people work in this field. But knowing the amount of tariffs and import rules will be the most important priority of traders

Now these machines should be imported as new or we want to import them into the country as second-hand equipment. Although the import of some second-hand machines has been banned, there is no ban on machines such as plastic injection machines, which are supposed to boost the country's economy. But the customs ID or the customs tariff code of the machinery is from 8401 to 8487, which is related to the cost of customs clearance. Since injection molding machines are also very diverse, the tariff of each model is calculated separately

In the import tariff code circular, the plastic injection machine tariff is 847710 and the import duty includes ten percent. These fees are for clearance of goods and according to the official statistics of the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all traders must pay it to import plastic injection machines from China and other countries.

Customs tariff code for mold clearance for rubber and plastic products 84807100 and 84807900 

Customs tariff code for rubber and plastic injection mold clearance 84807100 

Customs tariff code for rubber and plastic extrusion mold clearance 84807900 

Customs tariff code for rubber and plastic inflatable mold clearance 84807900 

Customs tariff code for rubber and plastic round mold clearance 84807900 

Customs tariff code for mold clearance for metal products 84801000 and 84802000 

Extruded metal mold clearance customs tariff code 84807100

Plastic injection machine purchase guide

As mentioned, the import of plastic injection machines from China is a very economical business that also contributes to the growth of the country's economy. But you, dear businessmen, should pay attention to many points to buy a plastic injection machine. Although this task is not so complicated and difficult, but to meet the needs of the market and grow your business, you should consider the buying guide

shot size

These shots are the same size as plastic molds, which must be taken into account. Because the shot is directly related to the desired production volume


Usually, the tonnage in such devices depends on the force on the plates. With the increase in power, the molds are definitely better placed next to each other and the injection is done with high quality

Platinum size

These plates are the most important part of the plastic injection machine, which puts the injection molds together with several tons of energy. The platinum plates create pressure that heats the injected environment and when the plastic melt cools, it is produced in the desired shape. 

The distance between the connecting rods

These bars are located horizontally inside the device, and the distance between these bars will affect the distance between the plates.

The intensity of the ejector movement

The most important part of the device is the intensity of the ejector movement, which is responsible for an important task. In fact, this part helps the injection chamber to be separated from the mold with the help of pins, and as a result, the final stages of making the plastic part begin.

The price of the device

Price is another factor that is very important for many users. This factor will also have a great impact on the economy of your business 

Product quality

One of the main priorities of any business is definitely paying attention to the quality of the desired product, even if that product is a plastic injection machine 

Manufacturer company brand

The brand of any company is like a product's identity card, and usually reputable brands have high quality

How to clear plastic injection machines

One of the most important steps in importing plastic injection machines from China is customs clearance. At this stage, after completing all the work, you can easily release your goods from customs with sufficient information and obtaining all permits. At this stage, they take measures to release plastic injection devices or any other product. At this stage, in order to register your order, you should even prepare and bring documents for electronic customs clearance. These steps and conditions include the payment of entry fees, commercial profit, etc. But if you do not have enough information in this field, it is better to get help from knowledgeable people. Although the customs clearance agents must be fully familiar with all the customs rules and regulations so that they do not face any problems during the clearance.

So, first obtain the necessary permits for the relevant product and prepare the required documents, including the following

Username and password


bill of lading

Assignment of clearance


Warehouse Receipt

Certificate of Origin

Invoice or purchase list

Remittance number or bill of exchange + SATA code

proforma (proforma invoice)

Authorization to place an order

Baling list


Certificate of inspection

Official power of attorney

Doing customs work includes the following

Maybe you have the impression that importing is a simple task that is done only by buying and moving. But the import process is a very complicated process that includes from the time of obtaining the import license to importing and even selling the goods in the market. For you, you have to go a long way which requires high understanding and great expertise. But after importing, you have to clear the desired product from customs

How to clear goods from customs

Authentication and routing

At this stage, the technical department of customs examines all the documents of your product, and if there are no defects in it, a registration or quota number will be assigned to you. This quota means that the imported shipment is registered with a special number

After obtaining the quota, it is time to control the goods, in which one of the three paths of green, yellow and red will be followed for evaluation. In fact, the yellow and red route means that the desired product needs to be controlled again, which is done by inspectors. But green paths do not have any obstacles

Now it's time to obtain the necessary permits, which requires providing the necessary documents for the release of the product and the specified certificates. These certificates must be completed by experts

 In the knowledge phase, they check the tariff and match the goods, which is done by the expert of the customs tariff service. 

After the shipment is confirmed, the product owner or traders must pay the fees, and then it is time to release it.

After clearance, when your cargo is free, a loading permit will be issued from customs, and at this stage, the storage fee must be paid.

Now it is the turn of the goods to leave the customs, after checking the customs green permit, the owner of the goods must load the goods to the desired vehicle.

Documents required to issue a business card

Dear businessmen or investors, before importing plastic injection machines from China, you must get a business card. But to obtain a business card, you must bring the following documents:

Two original sheets of the declaration of registration in the commercial office certified by the company registration office

Two photocopies of the company registration statement

A photocopy of the company letter and two photocopies of the official newspaper regarding the newspaper advertisement of the establishment of the company and the announcement of any changes and two photocopies of the company's articles of association.

The original and a photocopy of the CEO's background certificate and two photocopies of all pages of the CEO's birth certificate 

The original bank certificate and two copies of the original and a photocopy of the bank slip in the amount of 400,000 Rials.

Four six-by-four photographs of the CEO, with a white face

Two photocopies of the end of service card or exemption from military service for men

Photocopy of the ownership document or lease of the workplace

Completed business profile form 

Completing the letter of commitment to receive a business card and confirming the CEO's signature by official offices or confirming it by the workshop

Clearance of goods with Ali Vala Import and Export Trading Company

You undoubtedly know that before importing plastic injection machines from China, you must first clear a company. The establishment of a trading company is also absolutely necessary for importing or exporting. Every country will definitely import to meet its important needs, and definitely the same. In order to shape its economic system, the country should create an export and import trading company. With the help of these companies, you don't have to worry about import or export and even clearance

Alivala Trading Company is one of the most reliable companies that has a brilliant record with years of effort and experience in this field. In this collection, all commercial services are offered to you, dear traders, by providing an economic code, a value-added certificate and an official sales invoice. This company is reliable to receive the desired limited liability. You, dear user, can contact the consultants of this company to receive machinery

Haitian injection machine 800 tons
Haitian injection machine 800 tons
Haitian injection machine 1400 tons
Haitian injection machine 1400 tons
Haitian injection machine 2100 tons
Haitian injection machine 2100 tons
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