importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Buying and importing second-hand production line machinery and machines from China

Importing used machinery from China

Importing used machinery from China
Importing used machinery from China

Buying used equipment from China

How is the import of second-hand production line equipment and machines from China?

Importing second-hand devices from China

China has been considered as a trading partner with Iran for many years and can provide different new and second-hand products to the country every year, but in this section we intend to provide you with information about the import of second-hand devices from China .

Import of new and used devices from China

ChinaIt produces different products in different sizes, colors, and shapes in its factories, which can meet many needs of people or manufacturers. One of these options for exporting and importing new and used devices starts from China. In fact, many domestic manufacturers welcome these devices and use these products as a new device in their factories, and manufacturers also buy these products to reduce costs, but when you If you want to start importing new and used devices from China, you should know that importing these products requires a lot of attention, that traders should pay close attention to these options. When you want to buy these devices, you should know whether they have any problems. It is better to bring a technical engineer from the country of origin to your country and install the device with his help.

What kind of used devices are allowed to be imported to Iran?

In general, any device that is allowed in the customs list is the device that is imported into Iran second-hand, but apart from these cases, many traders are looking to import second-hand devices such as plastic injectiondevices  and industrial devices. and agricultural machinery and road construction machinery , etc. are from China, and these options can bring very high profits, but it is better to get information about this before importing second-hand machines from China, as well as the sales companies. Get these devices so that you can choose a correct and guaranteed company using the information obtained

Trade relations between Iran and China

Iran's trade relationship with China is excellent in such a way that many businessmen are looking to import Chinese devices to Iran. In fact, the importation of these devices can provide a lot of profits to businessmen and satisfy the needs of many consumers. But according to the statistics published in 2019, it shows that Iran's trade relations with China are such that this year, about 10 billion dollars worth of products were imported into Iran's customs and these products were distributed in 70 customs. 

From this point of view, it is better for traders to look for an excellent trading company when importing second-hand devices from China, so that they can solve their problems in this field with its help.

Due to the increase in factories and production centers, the need for different devices has increased. Many people also look for cheap and functional devices at the beginning of the production of factories and factories, for this reason, they buy hand-held devices. Second, they take necessary action. Importing second-hand devices and production lines from China  is always done. Second-hand devices have a much cheaper price than their new type.

In most cases, even this price reduction reaches several times, for this reason, manufacturers and factory managers can save money and get very good results. And sales from other countries, especially China, are not well known

Therefore, our suggestion for this type of  import of goods from China  is to get help from Aliwala Trading Company. In order to get more familiar with the import of such devices, you can read the rest of the text.

Importing a pasting machine from China

The paste extraction machine is a device that, in addition to extracting the paste, also extracts lemon juice, grape juice, apple juice, etc. The import of this type of device is done in China due to its cheap price and the availability of its second-hand type from this country

Regarding the  import of second-hand equipment and production lines from China, special attention is paid to the import of pulp machines, which are widely used in juicing various fruits. You can also sell them individually with this type of import. Also, if you are at the beginning of the journey and looking for the establishment of factories, the best way to reduce costs is to buy healthy second-hand devices from China. Import devices and hand-made production lines. The second from China is done in a completely professional manner by experts and business managers of Aliwala. All you have to do is entrust all the purchase of devices to these people through a contract so that they can import your devices as soon as possible.

Importing used packaging machines from China

Packaging machines for plastic materials, cans and bottles are among the equipment needed for factory facilities. Many factories buy second-hand types of these. Importing second-hand machines and production lines from China can be a way to save money. You can get help from Aliwala Trading in this way. Certainly, trusting this company will lead to very good results.

You will achieve a very high economic efficiency by reducing costs, so our suggestion for importing such devices in second-hand type is to refer to Aliwala Trading. You can also make this income in the easiest possible way

Buying second-hand goods from China is  like buying new Chinese appliances and products, and all the conditions governing the purchase of new goods to buy and import into the country also govern second-hand goods. In this article, we have decided to examine the methods of buying second-hand goods. Second, let's talk about China and how to import it to the Iranian market and deliver it to the consumer. Please follow us until the end of this article, the 
terms and conditions governing the import of second-hand devices from China.

As you know, there is a very good interaction and political relationship between us and China, especially in recent years, due to the sanctions imposed by the United States and also some European countries, China has been with our country and in many It has been helpful to our government and people, but there are many debates about whether  buying goods from China  is beneficial to our country or not, and usually some experts have a negative opinion about it and others have positive opinions on the contrary. are presented in relation to this issue

Since the main topic of our discussion has nothing to do with whether it is good or bad to import goods from China and supply them to the market, we also ignore this topic and discuss our main topic, which is the purchase of second-hand goods from China.

As we said, there is a good and acceptable relationship between the statesmen of our country and China, but still, many businessmen who are active in the field of importing goods and products from China do not follow the correct and principled export process, that's why the entry of products China does not have a good and positive effect on the country's economy as much as it should, if the businessmen of our country can understand the process of importing goods from China well and also interact with the best companies active in this field, of course, export and They will have a good and acceptable business in this regard

Also, in addition to having a good interaction with the export and import companies of their country, they should also have sufficient knowledge with some Chinese export and import companies, in this case they can bring a successful activity and business under the shadow of the laws of both countries.

In the following, we will try to address some of the most important questions that many people have regarding the import of second-hand Chinese goods into the country's market, but before addressing the main issue, we must mention that Importing second-hand goods from China takes place exactly under the same terms and conditions as first-class goods and so-called Chinese-type goods are imported, for this reason, we will continue the discussion in a more general way and in the next topic we will examine how to import goods from China. China will go to Iran, please stay with us

How to import used machines from China?

Undoubtedly, we all know that China is one of the main producers of necessities and items needed in our country's daily life, in other words, Chinese products are one of the main pillars of the country's market.

As we said in the previous articles, regardless of how positive or negative this issue is, and what destructive effects it has on the increase in the unemployment rate in the country, as well as how it causes economic recession and the bankruptcy of large domestic production companies, we continue to discuss because Here, our main goal is to know the correct way to import and buy second-hand goods, as we said, a large amount of products that enter our country from other countries belong to China.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is the low and affordable price of Chinese products. This issue is so serious that according to the available statistics, it has been determined that Iran is the first importer of Chinese products in the world, as well as this country. It has the title of flag bearer of trade with our country

Before our country, most of the trade relations between China and the UAE have taken place, but currently our country has the most trade relations with China and is currently one of the largest consumers of Chinese goods in the world. It is considered for this reason that many businessmen in this country prefer China to other countries for business and buy Chinese products and supply them to the country's market in order to earn high profits and income.

It should be noted that  buying  second-hand goods from China and importing them into the country requires a series of conditions, the first and most important condition of which is to be fluent in the Chinese language and also have sufficient knowledge of their culture. The purpose and destination country is one of the important keys to achieving a successful business and profitable business, and that is why many people who buy second-hand goods from China and import them to the country have failed. And some others have even become a superpower in this field

Of course, people who do not have the necessary skills in this field can look for Chinese export and import companies and choose the best and most successful companies from among them, and thus by receiving advice and guidance from them, they can Get a profitable business

The impact of importing goods from China on the economy and domestic production

In relation to which product enters our country more than other Chinese products, it can be said that any type of product that we go to the market to buy, there is certainly a Chinese option for this product in the market, in other words, to buy our Chinese products. We are not facing any restrictions, so we can rest assured that the Chinese option is much easier to find in the market than domestic models.

The presence of Chinese products in the market of our country is so strong that sometimes even some profit-seeking and opportunistic traders use these products instead of authentic and original domestic brands, and in this way they get a lot of profit. Regarding how reliable the quality of Chinese products is and whether they are worth the cost or not, we must say that honestly some of the products that are produced in the country and are part of the well-known and popular brands in the market and compared to Chinese products in terms of quality and They have a longer lifespan

Unfortunately, this factor has caused many traitorous brokers and middlemen in this world to only think about their own interests and pockets and use this opportunity to offer Chinese products to people instead of popular and well-known domestic brands.

This factor has caused the people's trust in domestic goods to decrease and there is little desire to buy domestic products. Because they believe that the domestic products are not of high quality, and for this reason, those who intend to buy first-class and high-quality products often look for expensive foreign markets. It goes without saying that some Sitting idle and even low quality Chinese products are easily presented to people instead of the most popular and best global brands

The process of buying used equipment from China and importing it to the country

Buying second-hand goods from China and importing them into the country must be done under special and calculated conditions so that it can have an ideal and acceptable commercial process. One of the most important factors affecting the good process of  importing goods from China  is this . It is for us to know which of the Chinese second-hand goods is appropriate to import and which of the second-hand goods of this country people are more willing to buy.

It is also important to know which products meet the needs of Iranian users, of course, these are not only specific to China, but to import goods from any country, we must pay attention to the demand for which products. There are more foreigners in the country

Of course, the majority of people's desire to buy Chinese products is due to their affordable and economic prices, which should be noted in relation to other imported goods from other countries, because most of the products imported from other countries are usually of better quality. Compared to Chinese products, they have the most expensive price

Anyway, the  import of goods from China  to our country is not so complicated and difficult, and people active in this field can easily continue their activities. This issue is mostly due to the fact that China does not accompany the United States due to the sanctions against our country, which has caused these two countries to continue to have a stable and strong relationship with each other.

The secret of success of Chinese manufacturers for ideal marketing in Iran

 Due to the sufficient understanding of the needs of our country's consumer market, Chinese manufacturers have been able to cover and produce the needs of the people well, and the goods produced in China are completely suited to the tastes of Iranian consumers, and this is one of the most important The reasons for the success of the Chinese in taking over the sales market are that, in general, Chinese manufacturers have identified the needs and tastes of the Iranian people from zero to a hundred, and they produce products exactly in accordance with what the Iranian people need and send them to the market of our country.  Most importantly, the price of Chinese products is reasonable due to the use of low-quality raw materials, and according to the economy and living conditions of Iran, Iranians can easily use Chinese products.

What are the best second-hand imported goods from China ?

The list of buying second-hand goods from China, which people pay more attention to, is almost the same as that of new and sealed goods, so this list is empty for some consumer goods such as paper, chemicals, and food. It is possible to reuse it inside the country. It is included in the list of buying second-hand goods from China, and it is not possible to provide a channel list that includes the best items in this field, because second-hand Chinese goods are exactly the same as new and sealed goods. This country has a good demand inside, and this has encouraged more merchants to buy second-hand goods from China and import them to the country.

The main goals of importing new and second-hand Chinese goods

Perhaps it can be said that the main and most important reason for importing new and second-hand Chinese goods into the country is to cover the market needs, but certainly the only reason for importing and buying second-hand goods from China as well as new goods is not to cover the market needs. In fact, the main goals Traders and businessmen are active in this field to gain profit and market coverage is ranked next

Some people are also forced to import goods from China in order to complete their production cycle and because of their need for Chinese goods. It should be noted that the import of goods from China to the country for the purpose of completing the production process cycle is more important than other cases in It has a better rating because this factor has less negative effects on the unemployment rate and also the bankruptcy of the country's manufacturing companies. However, the production cycle of our country is dependent on some products imported from foreign countries, willy-nilly.

Unfortunately, the technology of our country is not to the extent that it can produce all the parts needed for domestic production inside, so it has to import some parts from other countries and by assembling them on its own products, the final product is delivered to the consumers. deliver it at a more reasonable price, since the sanctions against Iran have disrupted this wheel for domestic manufacturers, the only available option is to import assembled goods from China, which fortunately can give a better score in this regard.

 How many categories are new and second-hand imported goods from China divided into

 In general, the new and second-hand imported goods imported from China are divided into two categories: industrial goods and consumer goods. For example, they are one of the biggest consumers and applicants of industrial goods of automobile companies as well as some large factories producing home appliances, which have to import some of the parts they need from abroad due to the lack of domestic production.

Consumer goods are mostly goods that are consumed by citizens, which include goods such as all kinds of mobile phones, cars, clothes, which is the most important part of this part, and some animal feed, food for human consumption, in general, every An item that is used by citizens is in the category of consumer goods

 The best way to import and buy second-hand goods from China

The best way to buy second-hand goods from China as well as new Chinese goods and import them into the country is to do this in a legal and principled way. They are fully prepared to serve merchants and traders active in this field

If we intend to have a successful and profitable business, the best way is to use the legal options of this method and draw a line on cases such as smuggling, because even though these cases contain more profits than legal methods. but after all, it has its risks and difficulties, and we may face a hard failure very soon or even after several years of activity and profit in this field.

Also, we can legally use various sea, air and land methods for our imports, which leads to a better position and conditions with more facilities for us, one of the most important of which is that we can export our products to Import the insured form to the country, in case of some accidents that lead to damage and loss of our cargo, it will not result in our bankruptcy.

Buying second-hand goods from China and methods of transporting them to Iran

It is possible to buy second-hand goods from China and transport them to the country in several ways, and merchants active in this field can choose one of the appropriate methods, such as air freight, sea freight, and sea freight. Rail transport is one of the ways that merchants can import their cargoes inside, but the point that is very important here is that among these options, one should choose the method that at that time The clearance of goods and cargo from the customs office does not take long because sometimes the imported goods may be among the goods that have a special use-by date and their long stay behind the customs will cause corruption of the cargo. We will pay the benefits of each of the clearance methods

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