importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Import goods from China without customs

The concern of importing from China without customs

Import goods from China without customs
Import goods from China without customs

As you know, Chinese goods in different qualities make up the majority of Iranian consumption. Customs is also a special department that controls the inspection and approval of outgoing and incoming goods to countries. If you try to  import from China without customs, your goods are considered contraband. but according to the increase of the corona virus, based on the approvals, the import of masks and hygiene items to prevent this disease were subject to the law of shipping without the need for customs

Import goods from China without customs

In fact, today, many businessmen are looking for importing goods from China without customs duty, so that they can import your products to Iran with less time and less cost without any serious problems. In fact, in this article, we intend to provide you with information about importing goods from China without customs

How to import from China without any customs fees

When businessmen want to import products from China to Iran, different rules apply to them, such as importing without Chinese customs, in this case, we must say that the probability that many businessmen will be able to import their products to the country without customs is very low. . But better than these options, there can be many different products that you can import to Iran without customs

Many people today intend to easily import goods into the country or want to do this. In fact, importing products without customs can lead to legal proceedings, which will be extremely troublesome for them in the end, but when you want Products such as masks and hygiene and cosmetic products to prevent various diseases such as corona disease should be imported. Apart from this, there are better cases than traders who want to cooperate with very large trading companies to produce products without any trouble and in in a very short period of time, these companies will be ready to cooperate with you so that they can earn good profits by cooperating with you and also can completely solve the needs of the Iranian market and consumers.

The largest producer in Asia

As you know, China has been one of the main suppliers of the world for many years and can supply different products in different color spectrums with different qualities all over the world. In fact, the use of these products can meet the needs of many people. solve low income or anything else and by using these products they can meet their daily needs and in fact by using cheap labor they were able to export their products at low prices to different countries which is a very good option for this The country is considered to be able to import goods from China without customs duties and when China produces health products to prevent diseases, many traders can use these products without paying Customs fees to import them into Iran.

Other than these cases, it is better for you to get help from a very reliable trading company so that you can import these products to Iran at a lower cost but with a shorter period of time and after selling them in the Iranian markets, you can get a big profit in this way.

If you are looking to import other goods from China, they must have a customs approval stamp on them, otherwise your contraband will be prosecuted and subject to fines or in some cases imprisonment. To get more information about importing from China without customs, you can refer to the rest of the article

Easy import of various goods from China 

Many people try to import various goods from China without customs duty for easy import, or they are looking for such a decision. This action can definitely lead to legal prosecution, but if you try to import masks and hygiene products to prevent disease. You have such permission

The list of exempted goods for duty-free import from China can be the best option for making profit and easy import from China, but to carry out such transactions, you need experienced people and experts who are familiar with Chinese buying and selling. Aliwala can be one of the best options for easy and customs-free import from China. All steps will be carried out by the experienced agents of this company, and you will not make the slightest move, but only by signing a contract will the health of your goods be guaranteed.

Consultation with experts for easy import from China

The experts of Aliwala Trading Company are the best people who can give you the necessary advice for easy and customs-free importation from China. It is possible to contact these people by phone or on the Internet. Contact them and ask your questions to these experts

Of course, the consultation with the experts of Aliwala Trading Company is done for free, and after consulting and ensuring that they have enough experience, you can ask them to take over all the steps of importing from China and make your work easier.

All traders choose a reputable company such as Aliwala to import from this country, so if you are looking to import masks or hygiene items such as sprays and disinfectants to prevent the disease of Covid-19,  importing from China without customs is the best option. It is better to do it with the help of experienced managers of Aliwala Trading Company, so that your costs can be reduced to a large extent

Due to the growth of inflation in recent years and the increase in costs, the concern of many importers of Chinese products is that imports from China are duty-free.

Maybe you have a question whether this is possible or not?

Because if you know a little about the import of goods from foreign countries, you know that there are many conditions and rules for the entry of foreign goods from different countries into Iran, and not complying with any of these rules will have serious consequences for you. In this article, we are trying to talk about this question and find out what the conditions are if this is possible.

So read this article to the end

China is the largest producer of various products in the world

For many years, China has been one of the most important suppliers of imported goods to our country, since Iran's relations with many European countries have deteriorated in recent years, many Iranian businessmen and businessmen come to buy regular goods. They have turned towards Asian countries like China, China has also tried to maintain its friendly relationship with Iran due to the increase in Iranian customers for its products.

Is it possible to import from China without customs?

China, Italy, Korea, Japan, etc. do not make any difference, in order to import products from any foreign country, these goods must pass through the customs and commercial ports, and the necessary checks for the goods must be carried out in these customs in order to If there is a problem with your product or if the information on the invoice does not match with the product itself, it should be prevented. In addition, if foreign goods do not pass through customs, they will not receive a stamp of approval, and your product is considered to be contraband and will be prosecuted. As an importer, you are considered a violator and your business may be damaged, so in 90% of cases it is not possible to import from China without customs.

Is there an exception for the import of goods without customs?

Everything in the world can change under certain conditions and be subject to exceptions. Importing from China without customs duty is one of these cases that can happen. One of the exceptions in the last few years is the import of goods such as masks. The whole world has been infected with the disease of Covid-19, one of the ways of transmission of this disease is through breathing, so the use of masks and gloves is obligatory and necessary for the health of people, on the other hand, failure to comply with it will subject you to fines, so masks and gloves are one It has become one of the goods required by the market during this period. In this situation, many of the masks and gloves required by the Iranian market are supplied through foreign countries such as China, and the government has made the entry conditions for these types of goods easier. In case of shortage, these goods can be imported into the country without customs, so this sample of items includes the exceptions of import from China without customs.

Various fees for the entry of foreign goods

We want to see why buying from Chinawithout customs has become so important? One of the main costs for the import of Chinese goods are costs such as customs, these costs increase every year and their rates are determined by the government. In other words, they want to bypass the passage of goods through customs

Customs fees for foreign goods include the following and are different according to the tariff of each product

Costs of the first type

These costs include items that must be paid at the country's customs, such as customs duties, which are obtained from the product of the pro forma value multiplied by the exchange rate and the percentage of the tariff of the goods, and it is one of the highest costs paid for imports, which causes Many may think of importing goods without customs duty to reduce these costs

Costs of the second type

This cost is divided into three categories. The first category is the costs that you have to pay before the goods enter the customs, such as the cost of the right to stop the goods in the warehouse until the clearance letter is issued, paying the cost of depositing the container deposit. If your cargo has a container, the second category of these costs includes items that must be paid at the same time as the customs, such as the partial costs of the warehouse bill, the cost of printing the relevant declaration, and the cost of seal and varnish, all of which In total, it does not even reach one hundred thousand tomans. The third category of the second type of expenses are those that are paid at the same time as the clearance of the goods, such as the expenses related to the business card tax, registering the order of your goods, etc. These costs are also a reason for importing from China without customs

 How to import Chinese goods to Iran without customs

In general, it is possible to import products from China in many ways, because land, sea, and air routes are used to transport your goods by trucks and trucks. This way is usually different from the rest It is cheaper, but one of its disadvantages is that it needs more time. By sea, the goods are transported by cargo landographs, and Chinese cargo often comes to Iran through the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf. Air is one of the most expensive ways compared to the other two, but it also has advantages, such as the fact that usually cargoes arrive much faster by air, so if you are in a hurry to receive them, it is better to do it this way. In order to import goods from China, you can do it yourself or you can entrust this work to commercial companies all over the country. If you do not have enough experience in this matter and you are new to itWe suggest that you go to one of these companies and get their help. Many of these companies claim that they can help you import from China without customs and they say that there are ways to get around this, but We have to see if this work is really possible by them or if it is just a publicity aspect because importing from China without customs is illegal according to the laws of the country.

Important point about import

One of the most important things is that if you want to import zero to one hundred imports from China without customs without the help of experienced people and trading companies, then you must be fully aware of the conditions and laws of the two countries. Knowing the language Chinese is one of the points that can help you in this field. In addition, to import any goods from China, you must have a commercial card, otherwise you will have problems in this way. Obtaining a commercial card requires applying for it. It is possible through many legal and registration companies throughout the country

final word

We know that China is one of the largest producers of goods required by the Iranian market and the share of this country's goods in the Iranian market cannot be ignored due to the many benefits that there are in importing goods from China for individuals. They supply the goods and products they need from this country, since the growth of inflation in Iran has been high in the last few years, the cost of importing goods from foreign countries has increased, for this reason, many importers are thinking of a solution. To reduce these costs, one of the import costs is the customs-related costs that traders try to find a way to import from China without customs.

Import goods from China without customs
Import goods from China without customs
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