importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Procedures for importing goods from China / conditions and rules for importing goods from China

Conditions and rules for importing goods from China

rules for importing goods from China
rules for importing goods from China

China offers various products and goods such as household appliances, clothes, toys, electrical appliances, electronic appliances, sanitary and cosmetic appliances and other items. China has succeeded in conquering the world markets by manufacturing various electronic equipment and appliances at cheap prices. and has caused these goods to be exported quickly and in large quantities to other countries of the world

Procedures for importing goods from China

Step 1: Define what products you need
 . Before starting to look for a supplier, it is better to search for the products you want to sell. 
 You should choose those products that are fashionable and in high demand. In addition, try to avoid seasonal products. 
 To get the best product for your store, you can take help from Alivala Trading Company.You should only contact suppliers who can provide you the required product and previous customer feedback. Check to check the reliability of customers

Step 2: Determine your budget for the purchase

 Quality and price are two factors that no one can compromise on, so it will be the best option to get the product according to your budget. And always try to get cheap products as they can give you high profit margin

Third step: research and comparison

 You should contact more than one supplier and this will help you to get the best products at the best price. 
 You should do market research and then choose the supplier. It provides you with a space to compare the price and quality of all the products available in the market. The 
 comparison informs you how much all the suppliers charge and through the comparison, you will get the best quality products at a low price. 
 Get different offers and Ask for trade licenses. 
 Suppliers can give you various offers such as discounts or free shipping, so you should ask the supplier about their offers 
 If you want to ensure a continuous supply of products, you should ask the supplier to show you all their documents and certificates. 
 A reliable supplier will have all the required documents, but a fraudster may not.

  Third step: Negotiate the type of payments

 Payment negotiation is an important factor and you should discuss the price of the products with the supplier and try to get the products at the lowest possible price. 
 You can have a face-to-face meeting with the supplier and discuss the price of the products. As explained above, if you get the products at lower prices, you will make a lot of profit. 
 So, always try to find the product at an affordable price, but never compromise on the quality 
 Write down what is agreed upon. 
 You should write down all the minor and major details and it will help you soon. You should write the price, purchase information, delivery date and more, because it will help you to calculate the price of your product in the future. 
How Aliwala Trading Company helps you to buy directly from China
 China markets are the best place to source products and have proven to be the best tactic for global sourcing for all businesses 
 China markets are the best place to source clothing and footwear , electronics, furniture, home furnishings and many other 
 products China is not easy for beginners. This is an expensive, complicated and somewhat confusing process. You may not receive the expected profit due to shipping and other costs. 
 Aliwala Trading Company specializes in importing from China . Therefore, this company can provide you with a step-by-step guide for sourcing products from China

Step 4: Identify a good supplier

 If you get the right products from Chinese markets, you can make a lot of money. And if you choose the wrong products, not only but you will lose all your efforts. 
 If you want to be a successful trader, you must choose the best and most reliable products. 
 It is better to search the product early before finalizing the orders. do. If there are products, you should search for the descriptive information. 
 Besides, you should try to get a sample of it so that you can get an idea about the quality of  the 
On top of this, you can also get an idea of ​​the exact price and other related costs such as shipping and customs clearance .
 Customs does not have much time to open each carton and classify the products. All customs rely on the tariff code to determine the classification of products, 
 so it is imperative to ensure that the correct code is written on the carton. Otherwise it may cause problems 
 Negotiate and get the best product price 
 Product price is a very important factor. Therefore, when buying from China, you should consider the budget. 
 The price of the product alone cannot determine the exact price of the product, because it is always accompanied by the cost of transportation, insurance, and the costs of the destination port, 
 so calculating and summing up all costs is very important. is so that you can get the exact price of the product. This can severely impact your profit margins

Step five: Place your order

 This is one of the most important stages of importing from China, where you place your first order. After choosing a supplier, you can book your order and ask them to ship your products. 
 When importing from China, keep all legal requirements in mind and make sure that you receive the products legally 
 You should ask the supplier to send you an invoice and the description and benefits of each product. The 
 invoice is an important document that shows the weight and dimensions of the product and the duration of your purchase. This document is useful in calculating the price of the product 
 Invoice is the only document that provides detailed information about the seller along with their services and goods 
 China Import Tariff Solution
 You can choose the products from the catalog and get the product you need and you don't need to visit China. 
 The only factor that is affected is the quality, so try to get the products from the suppliers that you can trust. They supply the best products with quality, 
 so it is better to leave all these costs behind and calculate the exact cost so that you can sell the products in the same way and maintain the profit space

Sixth step: cargo transportation

 Shipping products is not an easy task, as it may involve several other costs, including container costs, terminal handling, product packaging, and brokerage costs 
and receives his commission. The broker is responsible for managing the products when you buy them from the sellers. It 
 can be said that brokers are also like a third party, he is independent and his services are used in most industries. Sometimes a seller or buyer can also act as a broker. 
 A broker is someone who arranges meetings between buyers and suppliers. In addition, the broker also tries to finalize the transactions between the two parties
 In addition, you can also get all the information about sipping fees and other fees that you need to know from the broker. If you are satisfied with the shipping and other related matters, you can send the contact information to the supplier and request the delivery of the products

Step Seven: Track your shipment and prepare for its arrival

 International shipping of products is not as easy as it seems and takes time. Shipping from China may take 7-12 working days for air shipping and 30-40 days for sea shipping 
 The shipping method you choose is placed. 
 The invoice is required for product clearance because it contains all the necessary information about the product. The 
 invoice includes the identity of the seller and the buyer, the date and terms of sale, the type of packaging, the number and weight of the products, and more. Of all, insurance, postage and various other costs. 
 If you find a problem, you should know the steps to take to solve it. Be careful during custom inspections

Step 8: Receive the goods

 Finally, when you receive the products, you should arrange with the customs broker to clear all the products. 
 If all the procedures go smoothly without any problems, you can receive all the products as soon as possible

China is rapidly becoming a manufacturing superpower, producing a large portion of the world's consumer goods. Importing from China has proven a successful global sourcing tactic for many businesses. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you as a buyer and seller

However, this is not an easy task, especially for beginners. The conditions and rules for importing from China can be very complex, confusing and expensive

Step-by-step guide to conditions and rules for importing from China

Let's explore the conditions and rules for importing from this country and what you can do to make the process run smoothly and efficiently since China has the power to produce many products .

China is the first country in the forefront of imports. Therefore, anyone who has planned to open a project such as a mobile project or sell children's toys, even household appliances and clothing of all kinds, all these are imported from China, so the importer must comply with the conditions and rules of import from China. be fully aware, and also the first steps you need to know how to import from China step by step is to have a plan for the project on which the products will be imported from there you decide what product you want from Import China to work on your project. You must also specify the amount you want to enter with the product you have selected for it. Because the other bases are determined based on the amount you choose, because the weight and quality of the product, the quality, shape and quality of the product are different

Thorough knowledge of the customs rules and regulations of the importing country for
acceptance of imports requires determining the quality of the goods, whether it is an essential essential item or a recreational item. This point requires customs. Among the conditions and rules of import from China in the customs, the date of shipment and unloading of the imported product is so that if the shipment is delayed or arrives before the scheduled time, it will not be included in the list of customs violations. In case of customs violations, the entire shipment may be confiscated due to violations And miss customs rules

The importer must also know all the documents required for the entire process to clear the goods and receive them quickly. You should also know the conditions and rules of import from China at the customs, whether you need help to use the time and keep the cargo from the customs or from the loading and unloading offices, to recognize the need for the customs clearance offices, to prevent the importer from falling into violations. and avoiding many losses that may lead to the complete and final loss of the goods, saves the steps and conditions and rules of importing from China, requires the following

Determining requirements: To save time, you must specify the required product, you must provide a known sample of the product you want in terms of material, quality, shape, quantity and weight. Travel: The importer must travel to China. have a ticket and you must have permission to accept this ticket and preferably this ticket is prepared before the date of receiving the goods

It is preferable to arrive in China before receiving the goods, so that the beneficiary knows his place of residence and specifies the factories he has decided to work with, your connection with some people who have information about them, or by choosing them from the Internet to this Factories get access to determine the date and place of receipt: the beneficiary must agree with the company that exports the product on the date of receipt of the goods and the place through which the goods are received. This delivery must be made either at the factory, at the port from which the shipment was made, or at the port where the products arrived in order to maintain the conditions and rules of the import from China 
Payment contract
The advance beneficiary pays part of the money to the manufacturer, which is called a deposit at the beginning of the transaction. This deposit represents half of the total price of the goods. Contracting system: After choosing the factory you want to work with, a contract It is concluded that it includes the time and place of receipt, as mentioned in the contract, the specifications of the goods received by the beneficiary of the contract, the value of the goods and its specifications, along with its type and quantity, and a sample of the product should be mentioned for convenience. Send for customs clearance 
documents required for import from China
Presentation of the bill of lading of the conditions and rules of import from China: in English, it is indicated by the abbreviation BL. It is actually a report provided by the shipping company and consists of several articles. If the exporter gives permission to the importer, he must provide the original or a copy. On his behalf, use photos to manage it

Certificate of Origin: In English, it is known by the symbol C.O. This certificate must be obtained from the supplier or the factory you buy from, and can also be obtained from the shipping company representing the supplier, and must be authenticated by the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce and Embassy in China. : The invoice is one of the documents mentioned in the conditions and rules of importing from China, according to which the goods sent by the exporter are checked by the customs to check that the goods imported by the importer match the existing goods. 
The most important conditions and The rules for importing from China are
the commercial license issued by the Ministry of Commerce. If the importer is a company, it must carry a commercial card approved by the Ministry of Commerce. According to the goods you import, an import license may be required. 
Steps Import from China
After unloading the goods that we intend to import from China, they are kept at the customs and before entering the desired country, you must complete all the documents mentioned. It is worth mentioning that you should follow this route quickly because if you delay you will have to accept heavy fines! Next, send the relevant documents to Kamerg and the customs will calculate the cost of import and tax based on the conditions and rules of import from China. After paying a fee related to taxes and duties, an exit form for the desired goods will be issued. 
How to import from China 
with high profit, determine the import rights of the beneficiary of the import, because many conditions and rules of import from China only apply to goods that are imported for trade and sale. Personal requests are also not subject to these customs regulations

The goods that will benefit from sales in their season should be determined accordingly. The goods to be imported have been identified. This point is one of the most important points that should be considered

Familiarize yourself with the conditions and rules of importing to the customs of your country. Among the important information that you should be aware of are the customs rules in the country to which you are importing the products.For example, you determine whether the imported item is a recreational or essential item so that you know what the customs tariff and handling and unloading are. that the quality of the goods and its condition upon arrival may result in the complete loss of the shipment, so you must know exactly what to do with your shipment, as well as the required documents and documents to provide in order to complete the process Know the customs clearance of the goods and also determine if you can do it alone or if you need the help of one of the customs clearance offices or companies in it, because the costs and penalties that may be incurred if Violation or lack of required documents can actually cause significant losses for youcreate for youcreate for you
Import problems from China 
during the work process, sometimes due to the lack of coordination between the central bank and other banks, the process of importing goods from China is done slowly, which leads to an increase in the cost of goods clearance for you.

Conclusion According to what has been said, China is considered one of the most important suppliers of our country's needs. For this reason, many goods from China enter our country, so we need to familiarize ourselves with the conditions and rules of importing from China. It should be noted that the terms and conditions apply only to goods imported for trade or resale. And in personal cases, customs can recognize them

When importing from China, you may come across some new terms, so all those terms are briefly explained below 
 · EXW (Ex Works) 
 refers to the international trade agreement under which the supply The seller must deliver everything to you or your representative at the door of his factory, and after the products leave the seller's factory address, the buyer will be responsible for transportation. The buyer must manage all the costs and obligations of delivery 
 , while in the case of shipping, the buyer is responsible for all the risks and costs. XWork enables the buyer to pre-arrange cost and other import issues
 In this method, the seller cannot deliberately increase the internal cost, and the buyers control the price and other transportation issues. Therefore, in fact, this term is quite beneficial for the buyer

 an agreement for the delivery of cargo at the customs of origin or FOB. It means that all the responsibility and costs within China to the customs are the responsibility of the seller. Issues commonly faced by traders in the import/export business will help in 

 addition to the FOB stating that the buyer will be responsible for any loss or damage during transit. According to the FOB destination, the seller bears all risks and costs in case of destruction 

C&F (Cost and Freight)
 C&F is a legal term commonly used in international import/export trade. According to this term, the seller does not receive a marine insurance policy against the risk of the goods being lost or damaged during transportation, and the seller is responsible for delivering the cargo to the destination customs 
 . ) and the seller also delivers all necessary or needed documents to the buyer along with the goods. 
 CIF (cost, insurance and transportation) 
 B/L (bill of lading) 
is a document issued by the carrier. provided to the sender. It is like a contract that authorizes the shipment of goods. The bill of lading is a receipt for the cargo that is accepted for transportation and you must prepare it before delivering the goods. The 
 bill of lading includes the following components.
 Name of ship Name of sender and recipient Ports of origin Date of departure or arrival List of goods in transit Packaging details Weight, volume and shipping cost 
 What products do you need to import? 
 One of the most difficult decisions for traders is choosing which product to import. Undoubtedly, Chinese products are worth importing. You can import clothes, shoes, handbags and electronics from China. 
 This section details all the factors to consider when importing from China. 
 And also help you choose the best products to import from China. When choosing a product to introduce, you should pay attention to the details of the product. 
 Finding a source of supply

Step by steo imports from China

Step by steo imports from China
Step by steo imports from China

Step by steo imports from China

In recent decades, China's economic growth has made significant progress; So that it has made this country one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of economy. For several years, it has been predicted that China's economy will surpass the economy of the United States before 2028; A prediction that is not far from mind with the growth of China's economy. Many Iranian businessmen buy their goods from this country and sell them in Iranian markets. Among the most important concerns of Iranian businessmen is, which  are the most profitable imported goods from China  ? In this article, we are trying to talk about the costs of importing from China, the best Chinese goods to import into the country, and the conditions for importing goods from China. 

List  of the most profitable imported goods from China 

 As it was said, China is one of the most powerful countries in the world right now. The products of China are usually of very high quality and at the same time very reasonable prices. All goods from household appliances and children's toys to the most advanced machines and industrial parts are produced in China; For this reason, it is not possible to write a limited list of the  most profitable goods imported from China  . But if we want to name some of the most important products imported from China, they are as follows  

 Clothes:  One of the most demanded in the Iranian market is related to clothes. Due to the fact that in recent decades the discussion of fashion and clothing has gained special importance among the society and especially the youth, there is a greater need for it in the market. In addition, clothing is one of the basic needs of every human being without which life cannot continue, so the demand for it always exists and does not disappear. China is one of the most important manufacturers of clothes with reasonable prices

 Electronic devices:  These parts are one of the most important consumer goods in the world. China is one of the mass producers of these parts, which produces and offers it to the market at a reasonable price 

 Mobile and its accessories:  Xiaomi phones have gained many fans in the Iranian market for several years. One of the most important reasons for its high demand is its reasonable price compared to other mobile brands

 Smart watches: Smart  watches have been among the products introduced to the fashion market in recent years. Due to the fact that these products have the ability to connect to the phone and you can even check your incoming and outgoing calls, they have replaced regular watches.

 Cars:  Chinese cars are more affordable than other foreign cars, so they are a good option for people who are fans of foreign cars and don't want to pay a lot of money for it. 

 Plastic and plastic materials:  Today, plastic is one of the raw materials of many manufactured products and even industrial parts. For this reason, many factory owners need this material to produce their products, and China is one of their best options for buying plastic materials. 

In the list above, perhaps we could not name all the   most profitable goods imported from China  , because most of the goods imported from China are profitable for Iranian businessmen, but we tried to mention the most important ones.  

Costs related to the import of goods from China

Obviously, when the cost paid for something is less than the income earned, then profit is made. So the lower the cost, the higher the profit. One of the main things that a businessman should do before importing products from other countries is to estimate the costs ahead of him. Traders like to choose products for import that have a reasonable price and related costs for moving are lower than other goods. Of course, in addition to the product, the country that produces the goods also plays an essential role in this field. The costs related to  the most profitable goods imported from China include the following 

The cost of the product itself: the  highest cost for importing goods is related to the cost of the product 

 Transportation costs:  This type of cost can be different according to the distance, type of goods, volume of goods, etc. Among other things that affect this cost, is the type of transportation and moving of the goods, whether it is transported by air or by sea or by land?

 Product insurance costs:  insurance guarantees the health of the product until it reaches its destination. In case of any problems such as stolen goods, possible damages along the way, etc., you can receive this cost from the relevant insurance company. It is true that the cost of insurance may be high for Chinese goods imported to Iran, but do not remove it from your list of expenses under any circumstances.

 Product inspection fee:  A fee that changes according to the volume of the product and is paid for product inspection

 Storage costs:  In any place where you have to keep your goods in the warehouse, you have to pay the corresponding cost.

 Customs fees:  One of the main costs associated with  the most profitable goods imported  from China  is customs fees. This cost varies according to the tariff of the goods. There are two types of fees for customs: the first type of fees that are paid at customs and the second type of fees that are paid outside of customs. 

Important points about importing goods from China

To import goods from China, it is important to pay attention to many things, including what kind of goods manufactured in China your country needs, for this you must know  the most profitable goods imported from China in the last few years. In addition, knowing the laws and regulations of China and the level of your mastery of the Chinese language or familiarity with the culture of that country in order to communicate better with Chinese manufacturers are other things that will help you in this field. 

Knowing all this information and rules requires a lot of experience in this field. Today, there are many trading companies operating all over the country that can help you in the export and import of  the most profitable goods imported from China  . If you are one of the capitalists who want to import goods from China and you do not have enough experience in this field, finding a reliable trading company that can do this with its experienced staff in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. It is obligatory 

How to import the  most profitable imported goods from China

In order to import foreign goods, it is obligatory to pass through the ports, airports and customs of the country that issue permission to enter your goods; Otherwise, your goods are considered contraband. It is possible to import the  most profitable imported goods from China  through sea, land and air routes, the choice of which type is directly related to your budget. Another effective factor in choosing the way to import goods is the type of your goods. If it is a perishable product such as food, it is better to choose a way that will reach you sooner. 

Advantages of importing goods from China

 Unlike many European countries, China has not sanctioned Iran in the economic field and still maintains its relationship with Iran. After the main options for businessmen, the entry  of the most profitable goods imported  from China  into the country. is 

 Despite their high quality, Chinese products have a very reasonable price, so buying Chinese products is more affordable than products from other countries. 

 The manufacturers of China are fully familiar with the products required by the Iranian market and the taste and culture of the Iranian people, that is why the products of this country have many fans in the Iranian market

Step by steo imports from China
Step by steo imports from China
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