importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Buying and importing all kinds of new and second-hand industrial equipment from China

Import of new and used machinery from China

Import machinery from china
Import machinery from china

Importing all kinds of industrial equipment from China

How to import the device from China?

Today, China is considered one of Iran's major trading partners, and the import of various devices from China is always ongoing, and machines, including agricultural, manufacturing, and medical devices, are imported from China in most cases, and Chinese manufacturers are also using up-to-date technologies. They are used in the production of various devices.   Importing devices from China  , such as plastic injection devices, laser cutting machines, metal lathes, shoes, and other types of new and second-hand production lines to Iran, results in a much lower cost.

Importing the device from China

As you know, China has been considered as a commercial giant in the world for many years and will import various products to various countries and can make huge profits in this way. Importing devices from China is one of the ways to get a lot of profit in the way of business, which we are going to provide you with information about in this section.

Why should we buy our products from China?

 China supplies its products to all parts of the world, and these products have very good qualities. Many people believe that importing devices from China can be harmful for many businessmen, but in response to these words, we must say that Chinese products in In fact, due to their excellent quality, they were able to attract the attention of many businessmen, and apart from these cases, by importing all kinds of Chinese devices, the businessmen were able to completely satisfy Iran's internal needs, which are Chinese products of devices such as agricultural devices, injection devices. Plastic devices are medical devices, industrial devices and other items, each of which can be needed by many manufacturers

But other than these cases, in order to import the device from China, traders should look for a very corrupt trading company so that they can trust this company to solve their needs and questions in this field so that they can get a big profit. When businesses without trading companies try to import equipment from China, they may incur huge losses or face problems that they cannot solve alone.

But apart from these cases, it is better for you to measure your main capital when you want to import the device from China, and if you know that these products are equal to your main capital, then import those products to Iran, because if the capital If your principal is not enough to pay the expenses, we may face problems in consumption

Also, the increase in needs has led to the creation of devices with updated technology. You can also import these updated technologies in bulk from China and sell them at a higher price in Iran, definitely if you spend a good amount of money for this. You will earn a very significant profit, and in this way, the import of various devices from China will be your main business. To get more information about this, you can read the rest of the text.

 Import of plastic injection machine from China

The purchase of industrial machinery, including the import of plastic injection machines from China , as an industrial product, has the largest share of imports in the country. One of the most important factors in increasing the import of plastic injection machines or all industrial machines and production lines are the sanctions against the country. Despite the sanctions, manufacturing industries will have to expand their production to meet the needs of the market, and many people will also create jobs in this field.

Importing agricultural machinery from China

The import of agricultural machinery and equipment is one of the most common imports, for example, the import of combine harvesters and sprayers is underway from China, and China is also a producer of manual sprayers in various designs, and in these cases, they have taken initiatives. It has been found that the shapes and sizes of the sprayer are very diverse

Import packaging machine from China

Due to the increase of factories and production centers, the market feels the need to import packaging machines. Packaging machines for manufactured products, which exist in different types, are imported from China to Iran

Many merchants pay special attention to Aliwala Trading Company in the import of goods from China , especially the import of devices from China, the price of these devices may be a little more expensive than other devices, that's why this company bears all responsibility for the product and causing damage. undertakes so that the possibility of damage to your goods and devices is reduced, so if you are looking to import devices from China, you can refer to Aliwala Trading, this company will definitely register your goods and they will deliver to you as soon as possible

Import of sports equipment from China

The feeling of public need for exercise has caused the purchase of sports equipment from China. In recent years, the purchase of treadmills has reached its peak. Many clubs and sports centers who are looking for bulk purchases choose China. These people can Use the help of experienced experts of Ali Wala Trading Company

Definitely, Chinese sports equipment is offered in good quality and at a very good price, so that by purchasing them in bulk, you can even sell them retail. Importing equipment from China, especially sports equipment, requires consulting market experts in this field. You can use the opinions of the consultants of Aliwala Trading Company

Import of paper napkin production line  and paper napkin packaging

Importing nylon and plastic packaging machines

Import of rubber extruder machine

Importing false ceiling profile production machine

Import of lollipop machine

Opal container production machine

Cement block production machine

Importing machines from China is not as complicated as it seems, and importing machines from China has  many advantages besides saving money, however, this article aims to fully focus on importing machines from China with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity. Prepared to be understood by all

You must have a correct understanding of the various aspects of this process, such as the type of machines that can be imported from China and the standards required for Iran, import duties, warranty and replacement of machine parts imported from China, performance and quality testing of machines imported from China for a deep understanding. Read more about the topic 

All kinds of machinery imported from China

China offers a world of possibilities for those who are looking to import machinery from this country. Machinery imported from China includes a wide range of industries, such as machinery for the construction industry, food industry, packaging factories, textile industry and Food processing industries, and agriculture, etc

Agricultural machines, which include earthmoving machines, seeding machines, seed breeding machines, transplanting machines, planting and fertilizer machines.

Importation of industrial machines, which includes drilling machines, earthmoving machines, lifting machines, industrial trucks, and concrete machines.  

Food industry machines, which include beverage machines, production and packaging machines, drainage and irrigation machines, fruit and vegetable processing machines, and cooking machines.

Textile machines, including spinning machines, knitting machines, sewing machines, dyeing machines, etc.

In addition to the detailed classified types of machines imported from China, there are different types of machines that serve different purposes. Examples of these machines imported from China are:

Pavement construction and pavement maintenance machines and driving machines and piling machines and municipal and environmental machines and elevator related machines and other  professional engineering related machines

List of devices imported from China

China is active in the production of all consumer and industrial goods. Perhaps the share of device imports from China is less among other imported goods, but it is a significant amount in itself. But maybe you want to know what devices are imported from China to Iran? Below we introduce several of the most important imported devices and review them

 Lathe machines : These machines are also called CNC. Lathe machines have the ability to shave the surfaces of many parts such as wood, metals, plastics, aluminum, etc. Of course, the efficiency of each lathe is different and each one is suitable for some materials and not for others. Lathe machines manufactured in China are of the best quality and the highest accuracy, which have the ability to shave in very small and millimeter loads.

Road construction machines : This type of machine has different examples, each of which plays a role in a part of road construction activities. These machines include all kinds of loaders, mini loaders, bulldozers, all kinds of mechanical rubber or chain excavators, graders, rollers, etc. China is one of the most important manufacturers of road construction machinery in the world 

 Construction machinery : Construction machinery includes fixed concrete pumps, mobile concrete pumps, conventional cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, mixers and concrete mixers. These machines have a large share among the machine imports from China 

 Agricultural machines : These types of machines are used in agricultural activities, which include all types of tractors, tillers, threshers, combines, cultivators, and other agricultural tools and equipment. 

  Motorcycles : There are different types such as normal motorcycles, electric motors, tricycles, etc 

 Cutting machines : It is one of the most important machines used in various industries. Some cutting machines are laser and others have a different work structure. These devices are used to cut various parts such as pipes and sheets.

 Press machines: As their name suggests, these machines are used to press materials and shape them in the industry. They are not as advanced as CNC machines, but they are much easier to work with than other machines, they have high flexibility and can be used in different industries.

 Packaging machines : These machines have different designs and different applications and as their name suggests, they are used for packaging manufactured products. According to the size of these machines, they have different capacities that are purchased depending on the needs of the factory owners and production workshops. China is one of the most important exporters of this type of machines, and packaging machines have a large share in the import of machines from China

 Mask production machines : Today, due to the presence of the corona disease, the need to use masks has increased thousands of times, for this reason, masks are one of the products needed in the Iranian market, which have a very high demand. China produces and supplies this type of machines with different capabilities. Chinese mask production machines are made in the best quality and with the highest production efficiency. They have the ability to produce masks with the most hygienic processes and no human intervention.

  Safety standards and parameters and documents required for importing industrial equipment

When importing machinery from China to Iran, you must be aware of the domestic regulations, safety standards and documentation required for importing almost all types of machinery.The country of Iran has different parameters in the field of importing machinery and equipment that must be followed and the regulations and standards required for importing machinery from China cannot be bypassed. Otherwise, the goods will often be seized by the customs authorities and a heavy fine will be included. It is important to remember that when importing machinery from China, your source of purchase must have a history of manufacturing machinery in accordance with your domestic regulations and safety standards. Doing so will result in financial loss, confiscation of the goods by customs authorities, heavy fines and even recalls as mentioned earlier, so everyone should follow the internal regulations and standards related to imports in the country to know the laws, regulations and safety standards related to Successful import of machinery from China. Read moreRead more to learn about the rules, regulations and safety standards related to the successful import of machinery from ChinaRead more to learn about the rules, regulations and safety standards related to the successful import of machinery from China

In some cases, the import of machinery is carried out according to specific and direct standards. When importing machinery from China, such as certain types of tractors, motor vehicles, trailers, and electrical appliances, you must keep in mind specific instructions. Iranian customs has its own regulations for Importing machinery of certain types applies. To ensure that the machinery you import from China meets all domestic standards and parameters, ensure that your source of purchase is well able to comply with these domestic standards and parameters.

Warranty and replacement parts for machines imported from China

when importing machinery from China; You should consider replacement parts and warranties from your source of purchase. The suggestions listed below will be of great help in this regard. Before placing an order, confirm the specific warranty conditions set by the supplier. In most cases, Chinese suppliers will provide free spare parts if the importer is willing to charge shipping costs and mention that it may be more expensive than supplying replacement parts domestically Delivery of replacement parts takes a long time which can lead to production stoppages which have adverse financial effects on the importer Confirmation of warranty terms before purchase for importers who wish to avoid Frustration and financial losses are necessary. Buying and stocking spare parts is a basic yet good strategy to reduce the delivery time of replacement parts from China.

  Installation, service and maintenance

It is always recommended that buyers of Chinese machinery rely on their own installation skills or local spare parts suppliers. In many cases, Chinese machinery sellers also provide installation services. However, the problem is that these companies do not have enough staff or even do not cooperate with maintenance companies in Iran. Therefore, these companies are limited in their services. and are not able to meet the requirements, the main problem of these companies is the long and tiring process of travel

Performance testing and quality control

When importing machines from China, it is always recommended to do a quality inspection, otherwise this mistake could cost you millions. The shipment meets your requirements in quality. The reason is that returning defective machines to China is a very difficult and complicated process. Firstly, if you return the machines, the Chinese customs authorities may not allow the shipment to return to the country. Secondly, even If you are successful in returning the machines there is very little chance of getting your money back, at best they will just make some corrections and then return it to you after paying the return freight so either way The loss is yours alone, so it is always better to be cautious and take care to check the quality of the machines before shipping. A good way toDoing this is doing on-site quality inspection before shipment. You can do it by yourself or you can hire an inspector based in China. Moreover, during the inspection, be careful that the machine performs the actual performance during the test.

If errors or malfunctions are observed in the device, they can be fixed there. Remember that hiring a technician in Iran to perform repair work can cost you a lot. So it is better to be strict in maintaining quality norms and save your hard earned money in machines

In addition to the above information, here are some tips when importing machinery from China 

When you are planning to import machinery from China it is always necessary to follow a proper plan and then go with it

Always plan your import goals

Before starting the process, it is always better to plan what you really want to achieve in this process. Now, at the same time, this entire import process should be able to fit into your overall business plan. A slight deviation from your business plan can cost you dearly, or it can also unknowingly increase your income.

Try to find a good and reliable seller or manufacturer

When importing goods from China , especially importing machinery from China, always check the credibility of the machinery manufacturer in China. You should also know whether the supplier of said machinery in China subcontracts their duties or not. This can greatly affect the quality expected from the supplier. Furthermore, it is always better to understand the culture of the Chinese market. . This will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your supplier. If you can learn a language that is widely spoken in the Chinese market, it will greatly help your business.

Always try to negotiate a good deal

Any good business relationship is focused on finding the right business deal. Having a good understanding of your weaknesses as well as the strengths and priorities of your suppliers can really help you negotiate the perfect deal. The Chinese generally believe that a good relationship with These relationships should be established based on mutual benefits and interests

Always try to have a clear contract

Always have a clear agreement on payment as well as delivery terms. When you use international trade terms that are international trade terms can help you reduce the risk of misunderstandings or delivery issues. In addition to your contract It should also cover the required payment and the currency in which the payment is made


Always select the shipping method for importing machinery from China in advance. In addition, when importing, you must choose whether you want to coordinate the shipping yourself or leave it to a shipping company. However, when Importing machines from China by air and sea are the two main options to do this

Always check if you need a license to import the device 

As an importer and buyer, you need to know whether you need to pay VAT or duties on imported goods and machinery. Imports often require import tariffs, which must be calculated accurately.

Read more about importing machinery from China

Advantages of importing devices from China

Many countries are engaged in the production of industrial machines and export them all over the world, but many Iranian businessmen prefer to import machines from China, which can be attributed to the advantages of buying The goods are from this country. We will examine some examples of these advantages below

Very reasonable price of Chinese products: China has a world reputation for producing various goods at a reasonable price. For this reason, the main cost of importing the device from China will be much less due to this issue, and as a result, it will be much more affordable.

High quality of Chinese products: Chinese manufacturers use the most up-to-date technologies and advanced methods to produce their products. This has resulted in the very high quality of these products. Due to the high quality of Chinese devices, these devices have a longer life and break down later. Another advantage of the high quality of these products is the lowering of maintenance and repair costs for its buyers

Economic sanctions by European countries: For several years, many European countries have banned the right to buy and sell their products to Iran. This has caused traders to find a suitable alternative for European countries in buying their usual products. Despite these sanctions, China has maintained its relationship with Iran and the friendly relationship between them 

The ways of importing the goods bought from China to the country of these two countries are still standing

Acquaintance with the taste of Iranians in shopping: due to the fact that China has been selling its goods to Iran for a long time, fully familiar with the taste of the Iranian people and the culture and customs of the Iranians and the goods needed by the Iranian people. and makes its products according to the taste of Iranians, that's why buying goods from this country is very profitable for businessmen. 

The cost of importing machinery from China: The cost of importing products from China is lower than many other countries. For this reason, the costs paid by the buyers are reduced, and this has made them happy, for this reason, Iranian businessmen are more willing to import devices from China.

Iran's economic growth through the relationship with China: As it was said, China is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world market. Interaction with big countries causes the economic growth of both countries, so in addition to the fact that maintaining the relationship between Iran and China has led to the development of the economic market of this country, it has significantly increased Iran's position in the world economy, and this issue for Iran is considered a very big advantage

There are many communication ways to move these goods from China to Iran. These goods can be transported by air, land and sea. Depending on how much your budget is in this field and in other words, how much money you can pay for moving your products, the choice of ways is different. For sure, the cost of importing the device from China by air is much higher than the other two ways, but the advantage is that the goods reach you faster by air. In addition to the cost, the choice of transfer methods also depends on the type of goods you have purchased. 

The cost of importing machinery from China

Estimating the cost of importing devices from China is one of the most important concerns of merchants and traders who intend to buy them. Below we will examine the types of costs in this regard and describe each one

Product purchase cost: Most of the costs you pay for importing machines from China are related to the costs paid for buying those products. The lower the price for the products, the lower the cost you pay to the manufacturers. is more

 Costs related to shipping and moving the product: one of the most important costs after the cost of the product itself is the cost of transportation from the manufacturing plant to anywhere in the world. This cost is completely related to the distance that a product must be moved and the amount and volume of the product. The greater the distance and volume, the higher the cost. Another factor that affects the cost of transportation is the type of transportation you choose; Whether you move it by sea or by land or air 

Storage costs of purchased devices: Industrial devices are usually large. Anytime after buying a product, you have to keep it in a warehouse for a while, you have to pay the storage costs. The more storage space occupied by your devices or the longer you keep them, the higher the cost of storage. 

Product insurance costs: When your purchased products are damaged or lost for any reason, including bad weather conditions or even being stolen, the insurance pays for the damage to the buyer, but for this you You must insure your product when you buy it. In this case, wait for your products safely and without worrying about the conditions along the way 

 Product inspection costs: It is one of the costs that must be paid to check your product 

 Customs costs: This cost is one of the most important costs of importing the device from China. In order to enter foreign purchased goods into any country, you must take legal action so that your goods are not recognized as smuggled products. The destination country checks the required documents and the goods itself in its customs and if it is in accordance with the laws of that country, it is allowed to enter. In these cases, he will issue an amount for the entry of the goods, which you must pay, and these are called customs fees.

There are two types of customs fees

 Costs of the first type: set of costs that are paid inside the customs itself, such as customs duties 

 The second type of costs: the set of costs that are related to customs matters but are paid outside the customs, which include three categories, the first category is the costs before entering the customs, including the cost of issuing a shipping license, The cost of the right to stop the goods in the warehouse until the issuance of the clearance letter and.... The second category is the costs that are paid along with the customs, such as the costs of warehouse receipts, printing declarations, etc. The third category is a collection of costs that are paid at the same time as the clearance of goods, such as the cost of the business card tax, the costs of the clearance of goods.

Documents required to import goods from China

To import a device from China, a trader needs to submit documents at each stage, which we will explain below.

· Certificate of origin: This certificate is provided by the providers and manufacturers of the device in China, which you should bring with you

 Invoice of the purchased devices: You must receive this invoice from the manufacturers after purchase so that when the goods enter the customs, the conformity of the products with the issued invoice will be checked.

 Commercial license: You must obtain this license to import any product from abroad. If the product importer is a company, this license is in the form of a business card

 Import permit: This permit is required for some special goods upon entering the country

Conditions and rules for importing goods from China

One of the important points in this field is to be fully aware of the conditions and laws of the country importing the product. You must know these conditions completely and act in accordance with them so as not to cause the seizure of imported products. Another thing that you should observe is the date of shipment and unloading of imported products, because if the goods arrive late or arrive at the customs office before the specified date, you have caused customs violations. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the loss of your goods due to violation of customs regulations. You need to provide detailed information about your product and a sample of it to go through the product entry process. The importer of the product must have a travel ticket to China, so you must get permission to accept this ticket, for this it is better to do it before the delivery date.

Important points regarding the import of devices from China

To import goods from any country, it is necessary to observe several points. If you want to do this yourself and import products from China to the country, then you must be fluent in Chinese to some extent. This will help you a lot in this way, on the other hand, getting to know the culture and customs of the Chinese people will help you in this field. Knowing the manufacturers of the product you need in China can lead to a better choice in your purchase, so try to know the manufacturers in China. These matters require high expertise and skill, so if you are new in this way, we recommend that you consult with people who have more experience in this field than you. Many commercial companies in the country engage in commercial activities and are skilled in the field of exporting and importing products. They are familiar with the laws and regulations of all countries and can help you in this field.


China is one of the most important manufacturers of various machines in the world, such as road construction machines, all kinds of pressing, cutting, turning machines, etc., which produces these machines with the highest quality and lowest cost and supplies them all over the world. slow down Interaction with a country like China has many advantages for Iran, which we talked about in detail in this article. To import machinery from China, you must be fully aware of many laws and regulations such as customs, so as not to incur losses in this field.

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