importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Import from China / Import of goods from China / Import of goods from China with Alivala trading

Import from China / import goods from China

Import goods from china
Import goods from china

Importing goods from China

Importing goods from China  is one of the most important issues in today's world. China, as one of the largest and main centers of product production in the world, has provided conditions for merchants and product importers to be able to buy and import a wide range of products with various conditions in terms of cost.

Trading with Chinese manufacturers is profitable for merchants, but if you start importing goods without knowing the rules and conditions of the Chinese market, and without the help of experienced people in this field, you may fail in your work. We will fully review the steps and conditions of importing goods from China, the problems of importing goods from China and the best method of importing goods from China , and we will also introduce the best imported goods from China.

 This is a guide to buying from China and working with Chinese factories. It will probably be very useful for people like you - entrepreneurs developing a new product or starting a new business who need to source parts and raw materials from China, and I hope there are some useful tips.

China is the biggest store the world has ever known, I'm sure you're wondering how is that possible? There is no store bigger than Wal-Mart. You are wrong, my friend. There is a store bigger than Wal-Mart. Much bigger. Where do you think the biggest stores in the world go when they need to shop? They don't go to another Wal-Mart. They go to a bigger store. This is where all goods come from and you know it as: China

 Maybe you thought you had to be a "big business" to buy from China? But no, you can also shop directly from the biggest store the world has ever known 

 Read on and you will soon become an expert in importing goods from China

 It used to be difficult to buy things from far away places. You had to send a ship to the other side of the ocean for a few years, they might all be destroyed by a storm or looted by pirates, and in the end you might get a piece of gold, a few grams of pepper.

 In more modern times, international trade was not so expensive or risky, but it was inaccessible because you had to know someone. 20 years ago, if we wanted to buy something from a factory in China or India, how would we do it? If I didn't know anyone, the best possible way would be to go to China and drive around until I find a factory, buy some samples locally, write their address and phone number on a piece of paper, and go home.

 As you might expect, the biggest agent of change in our lifetime - the Internet - plays a central role here. In the past 5 years, countless Chinese companies have realized that if they build a website and hire someone with sufficient English to process orders, they can bypass a lot of middlemen and be much more accessible to their potential customers.

In the past ten years, China has always been the second largest exporter in the world after the United States. Even in recent years, under the pressure of the trade war with the United States, the very uncertain economic outlook and the impact of the pandemic, the market for importing goods from China continues to improve. It is admirable that more and more countries are starting and developing their trade partnership with China and developing import and export business through multiple ways of transportation such as air transportation, sea transportation , rail and more.

China is fast becoming a manufacturing superpower, producing a large portion of the world's consumer goods. Importing and buying from China has proven to be a successful tactic for global sourcing for many businesses, and this is a tremendous opportunity for you as a buyer and seller.

However, buying from China is not easy, especially for companies and novices. Because the process of buying from China and importing can be very complicated, confusing and expensive. Expected profits can often be dwarfed by long shipping times, increased or fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays.

Focusing on imports from China, the second largest exporter of goods in the world

Long-term unstoppable growth 

China, the world's largest economic entity, has a vast market and numerous business opportunities. This advantage, which is unique to only a few countries, has attracted the attention of many foreign players to meet the growing domestic demand for high-quality foreign products. However, if we go back to 1950, the total volume of Chinese exports was about 600 million dollars per year, which increased almost 19-fold in 1978, 28 years later. An important milestone is when China joined the WTO in 2001. The total volume of exports grew even faster until 2009, where China became the second largest exporting country in the world and has maintained its leading position since then. In 2019, the total exports are about 2109 billion dollars, which is almost 3633 times more than in 1950, which is a record. 

As of 2018, despite China's situation due to the trade war with the United States, China managed to maintain its export volume at a historically high level, even increasing its export volume by 18% in 2018.

 According to the data of 2021, the top five importing countries are South Korea, Japan, America, Australia and Germany (General Administration of Customs of China). However, when we look beyond other countries, we see that countries along the Belt and Road (Silk ) play an important role, as the new silk railway between China and Europe by the first quarter of 2021, ASEAN member states have overtaken the European Union to become China's largest trading partner, the two regions involved in the project The Belt and Road is more important than that by 2019, China's imports from member countries will reach 861 billion dollars, which is more than 40% of China's total export volume in 2019. With the continuous implementation of the Belt and Road and development in terms of infrastructure, it is reasonable. Let's predict that the member countries will become more important in the network of importing goods from China

China is at a very high level economically. In this way, most of the goods that are used all over the world are produced in China and sent all over the world. This is why buying in bulk from China brings a lot of profit for traders and merchants. One of the methods by which you can make a lot of profit from the Chinese market is to buy directly from China.

 So, we can achieve great income and profit by reducing costs and getting help from consultants by buying in bulk from China , bypassing the obstacles. Another method of bulk buying from China is visiting China in person. It is better to use this method. It is used that the purchase is going to be made in a large volume, people go to China in person and observe their imported goods closely, and if it has the quality they want, they can import it in bulk.

Important tips for buying goods from China

People who want to buy in person and introduce their desired product to the market should know some important points: 

The first and most important thing is to prepare a list of reliable and important companies that you decide to buy from China. Try to do the necessary investigations about the desired companies that you intend to buy from, with the people who have bought from your desired company, and get the necessary information and knowledge from the after-sales services of those companies.

If you are a person for whom the quality of products and goods is very important to you, try to buy a quantity or quantity of that product. If you are satisfied with its quality and health, you can safely import that product.

Another important issue is regarding the transportation of goods and products, such as the FOB costs of transporting the goods to the ship, the transfer fee, etc., in order to know how much the cost should be, you can get a lot of information in this field by contacting the consultants of our trading company. do

The important thing is to be able to negotiate with the product seller and sign a contract with it. Therefore, it is better to state all your conditions in full in connection with buying from China and ask the seller of the goods to state any issues related to the products, including the delivery of the goods, the conditions and costs of production and transportation, etc.

Once you have checked all the conditions and signed the contract, you can experience the bulk purchase from China . Your selected goods will enter the country. Import companies from China have made it easy for traders and merchants to buy directly from China and buy goods from China.

For more profit, it is better for merchants and export and import companies to make their purchases in bulk. So that the export and import company can minimize service costs. When the purchase is made in bulk from China, many costs Among them: the cost of customs services, inspection and order registration services, etc. will be reduced and will bring a lot of profit.

Security and legal matters in purchasing

Our import company has the ability to order the goods you want from China in a very short time to make purchases from China for commercial companies, and due to the ability and presence of a law office in this country, the ability to make legal purchases in this country by experienced lawyers in China. It is done by having a valid contract that is accepted by Iran Trading Company

One of our recommendations to you dear ones is that if you want to produce a product, do not do it without consultation. Due to the many frauds that take place when you decide to import goods, get the necessary guidance and advice from the advice and services of professional and legal trading companies.

Many businessmen do not pay attention to legal matters or do not have enough knowledge in this field. One of the advantages of our company is that we are at a high level from a legal point of view, and with correspondence and commercial negotiations, we can reduce high costs in bulk purchases from China. Our company has applied a high legal burden to the Chinese manufacturer by making coherent contracts to minimize the loss of capital of merchants and trading companies and fraud.

 Also, by signing consistent contracts for monitoring international transportation and inspecting factories during the production of goods, we can learn about the authenticity and quality of the goods and avoid losses. Also, by using insurance terms and reducing costs, we can avoid additional costs, and this makes merchants realize over time that additional costs have been reduced.

Taking risks in business is inevitable. If a trading and import-export company continues to work with a 1% risk, it will definitely lose its capital in the 10th time period of buying and selling, as a result of reducing this risk, it is very important to achieve the goal. It is important and will have a favorable result. Buying and ordering any type of goods from China directly and without intermediaries from our company can reduce the risk and risk of your business, and it can be cleared and delivered to you in the least time by our skilled workers. 

Therefore, buying in bulk from China makes you entrust your goods to our company, so that they reach you both during the purchase and at the time of clearance and completely legally.

Buying from China without intermediaries

To buy from China without intermediaries and directly in both supply and demand, place your order with confidence in order to get the best result at the time of price and product clearance, so that intermediaries are eliminated and you can communicate with us directly.

Our company, having an experienced staff, can help you in this matter with a reliable and quality experience. Years of business experience and work is a solid support for your business, with an office and location in the mentioned country, complete knowledge and expertise in business matters and clearance of goods, and full guidance in purchasing, where all the necessary options are considered in terms of The price, quality, accuracy and elimination of the majority of costs will make you not have a good purchase, and we will help you when there are the highest options in the business.

We will not leave you alone after purchasing the goods

We will deliver all your goods on the spot with safe and cheap shipping without damage, and we will make a good business for you. Our pride is risk-free business for you with high profit.

Finally, with our company being well-known in China, as well as our company's elites from quality and reliable companies for buying goods from China without intermediaries, you can get the highest results in business.

Among the reputable Chinese companies that you can buy your goods with ease, such as Alibaba, which has a world reputation, our company makes this connection without intermediaries, this is only one of our major purchasing companies from China; Put your hands in our hands to connect you with the biggest companies in China. Aliwala Trading Company has a strong international network. We have more than ten offices around the world. We have the ability to provide high quality import services for the countries of the Persian Gulf and all countries of the world. Also, in addition to sea and air transportation, Ali Trading Company Vala, a specialist in rail transportation, provides its services among the countries of the Persian Gulf basin to provide these countries with this new alternative from China

Import from China after Corona

 At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the Corona disease has severely challenged and hit the transportation industry and the import market, and government regulations limited the ability of China's import market. In the first quarter of 2020, the volume of exports compared to the first quarter of last year It has decreased by 12%. The overall transport market was definitely affected by the outbreak of this disease

 Meanwhile, according to the semi-annual report, the import market is quickly returning to normal. Since April 2020, the total volume of imports and exports has increased for three months. In June 2020, the import market is on the right track and five percent has grown At present, the corona disease has been controlled in China and almost all companies have resumed their business. With such a positive market signal and the support of China's import trade policy, China will have the ability to grow in the past.

Buying and importing any kind of goods from China in the shortest time with Aliwala company

You can also  refer to Aliwala Trading for the purpose of importing goods from China . The experts and representatives of Aliwala Trading will definitely be the best people to buy from China with years of experience in importing various goods from  China.

As you know, today China is one of the big countries in the field of trade and export and import of various products to various countries and all over the world. China has been able to produce various types of goods such as shoes, bags, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances and other items. meet the needs of his country and export other products to different countries. But in this article we are going to talk about the import of goods from China and tell how these imports are carried out and what are the conditions of each import.

During the last two decades  , China,  by adopting its own strategies, has been able to become one of the top economies in the world, so it seems clear that many businessmen from all over the world are interested in this country, and therefore the issue  of major imports from China  or Even partial import from China has become a hot topic

In the meantime, Iranian businessmen have not left behind this caravan and are trying to establish commercial relations with China on a large scale . For this purpose, they have tried to carry out import procedures from China, and therefore every day we witness the dominance of Chinese goods in the Iranian market and we see that  The import of goods from China  is expanding

Why should we buy goods from China?

Some people think that buying Chinese goods is a waste of money. But I must say that when you buy Chinese goods and you have chosen a bad and useless product, it is possible that dealers sell low-quality goods from other countries as Chinese goods in Iranian markets or other parts of the world that people in this They express their dissatisfaction with Chinese goods

Goods imported from China can be summarized in the following groups

Parts and machines and industrial devicesand  automobile accessories   ,  paper   , mobile and computer parts and accessories   , chemical and mineral raw materials, construction parts and household appliances.

What are the costs of importing from China ?

The costs that you will incur for importing from China depend on many things. If you have experience or consult with expert consultants in this matter, you can minimize these costs, but in general, the costs incurred are as follows. Below is the price of the product purchased in the country of origin, which is China

Costs for product inspection

Customs fees

Order registration and currency allocation

Shipping costs

Costs related to warehousing goods

Clearance fees

Cargo insurance fee

Sometimes, some of these  costs are subject to discounts and some exemptions, which can affect your final cost, so it is better to know the types of products that can be included in the category of discounted products.

If you have a company or small business that sells products online, you should buy directly from China
.  China markets offer you the best products at low prices. The cheaper you get the product, the higher your profit margin, 
 but at the same time, buying from China may not be that simple and the whole process may seem confusing and expensive for the first time 
 , so if you are looking for detailed and step-by-step guidance If you 're on the verge of buying direct from China , read on to find out how you can source your goods professionally from China.
 Buy Directly from China Wholesale Suppliers Table of Contents Hide Brief How to Buy Directly from China? Ways to find China wholesale suppliers How to find the best source agent to buy direct from China? Aliwala Trading Company helps you buy directly from China. How to buy directly from China? 

Import from china with Alivala
Import from china with Alivala

How is the purchase order from China and how to register it?

Import from china
Import from china

Here we've prepared a practical step-by-step guide to buying from China, exploring how to import from China and explaining what you can do to make the process smoother and more efficient.

Steps to buy goods from China Bulk purchase from China

Buying goods from China and importing products from China, which is usually known as the "world's factory" due to its huge production infrastructure, skilled population and extensive experience in the industry, can increase the profitability of your store by increasing the margin. and make customized products more available. Below, you will get to know more about the steps of major purchases from China and how to import goods from China.

First, find a suitable supplier

Many importers find a good sample at a trade show, get a good price from the company believed to have manufactured the sample, and then think their search for a supplier is over. But choosing a supplier in this way is very dangerous. Online directories (e.g. Alibaba) and trade fairs are just a starting point. Suppliers pay to be listed or exhibited and are not screened.

If your contact claims to own a factory, you can run a background check on their company to verify this claim. Then you have to go and see the factory or order a capacity audit (about US$1000). Try to find some clients and customers of this manufacturer and contact them. Make sure the factory you choose is familiar with the regulatory standards in your market

Sample request and confirmation

 After finding and contacting the supplier, the next step is to receive the products. However, it is best to ask for a sample before finalizing the deal

 Product quality is an important factor that plays an important role in the success of your business. So, always ask for a sample before you book the order

 Most suppliers send photos of the products. However, you cannot get the idea of ​​the products from the catalog. Therefore, instead of a photo or a catalog, you should ask for a sample

 You can get samples to test the quality of the goods. You may have to pay for it. But the sample will be the best option to check the real quality of the products

Order registration and negotiation of payment terms

 After checking the quality, the next step is to book the order. You can ask the supplier to send you the required themes so that you can start selling them and earn money

 You need to do a lot of research in this area. You must have a lot of experience or consult with those who have a lot of experience. You should be able to check the market demand and needs. You should know what goods are allowed to enter Iran. Check the side costs and know the price of the goods at the destination

In this field, purchasing agents from China can help you. These people have a lot of experience in these matters and therefore they can provide you with a lot of services.

There are also many trading companies that can provide consulting services or even purchase from China for you. Therefore, you can safely entrust the work to them and not worry about it

If your orders are small, it is usually best to avoid buying from very large manufacturers as they are likely to quote high prices and not care about your orders. However, smaller plants usually require closer monitoring, especially during the first period of production.

Note: It is very common to show a good factory and then subcontract production to a smaller workshop and the source of many quality problems. Your contract with your supplier should prohibit subcontracting.

Second. Clearly define your expected product

Some buyers confirm the pre-production sample and pro-invoice and then pay the deposit. But this is not enough. To buy from China, you should make sure about the safety standards of your country, about the product label, strong and high-quality product packaging to prevent damage during transportation. In fact, these are just some of the things that you and your supplier should agree on in writing before paying.

The key is to write down your product expectations and the exact specifications of your desired product on a single sheet that leaves no room for interpretation. Your methods for measuring and testing these specifications, along with tolerances, should also be included in this document, and your contract should specify specific dollar penalties for non-compliance.

If you are developing a new product with a Chinese manufacturer, you need to be sure to document the product features and the resulting manufacturing processes, because if you later decide to switch to another factory, you cannot count on your supplier to provide this information. give you

3. Negotiate reasonable payment terms

The most common payment method for purchasing from China is using the T/T (bank transfer) method. The standard terms are 30% deposit before purchasing the parts and the remaining 70% is paid after sending the bill of lading by the supplier to the importer. It can get a bit more complicated if a specific template or tool is required during development.

Another common method of payment is by irrevocable letter of credit (letter of credit). Most serious exporters will accept L/C if you specify reasonable terms.

You can send the draft to your supplier for approval so that the letter is officially "opened" by your bank. Bank fees are higher than when you pay by T/T, but you are much better protected. It is generally recommended to use L/C for new suppliers or very large orders when purchasing from China.

4. Control the quality of your product in the factory

How do you make sure your supplier meets your product specifications when buying from China? By visiting the factory yourself and overseeing this work or by appointing a third party inspection company to manage the process for you.

The most common type of quality control for purchasing from China is the final random inspection of a statistically valid sample. This reliable statistical sample gives professional inspectors enough to quickly and cost-effectively draw conclusions about the entire production period. In some cases, quality control also needs to be done early so that a problem occurs before all production is completed. In these cases, inspection must be performed either before the components are incorporated into the finished product or when the first finished products leave the line. In these cases, some samples can be taken and sent for laboratory testing.

To take full advantage of QC inspections, you must first define a product specification sheet, which then becomes your inspector's checklist. Second, your payments must be linked to quality assurances. If you pay by T/T, you should not pay the balance of your payment until your product has passed the final inspection. If you pay by L/C, the documents required by your bank should include a quality control certificate issued by your appointed QC company.

Fifth, formalize the previous steps

Most importers are not aware of two facts when buying from China. First, an importer may sue a Chinese supplier, but it only makes sense to do so in China; Unless that supplier has assets in another country. Second, your China purchase orders help protect your supplier. They almost certainly won't help you.

To minimize your risks, you should purchase your product under an OEM contract (preferably in Chinese). This contract reduces your chances of problems and gives you more leverage if problems do occur.

A final piece of advice is to make sure you have this whole system in place before you start negotiating with potential suppliers to buy from China. By doing this, they will understand that you are a professional importer and they will respect you for it. They are more likely to agree to your requests because they know that you can easily find another supplier. Perhaps most importantly, if you start scrambling to get the system up and running after placing your order, it will be much more difficult and much less effective.


Implementing what you learn is the only way to succeed in trading and buying from China. Follow these tips and do your research so you can benefit from importing from China. Moving forward requires a lot of effort. When you're first starting out, it's easy to get completely overwhelmed by planning the entire future of your empire.

Import from china
Import from china

A look at how to import goods from China

Everything you need to know about importing from China.


Perhaps there are few people in the world who have not come across Chinese goods or purchased products made in China. Today, China has become one of the huge export giants and exports its products to all countries of the world. Imports from China are expanding all over the world every day, and this huge commercial giant has managed to conquer many markets in the world.

During the last two decades, China, by adopting its own strategies, has been able to rank among the top economies in the world. Therefore, it seems clear that many businessmen from all over the world are interested in this country, and therefore the topic of major imports from China or even partial imports from China has become a hot and popular topic.

In the meantime, Iranian businessmen are not left behind and are trying to establish commercial relations with China on a wide scale. For this purpose, he has tried to carry out import procedures from China, and therefore every day we see the dominance of Chinese goods in the Iranian market, and we see that imports from China are expanding.

Perhaps, in the opinion of some people, Chinese goods are synonymous with useless goods. But it is never like that. Chinese goods include a wide range and their quality is adjusted according to the target market. Of course, some people may consider the cheapness of Chinese goods as a reason for the poor quality of this category of goods and therefore avoid buying them.

But in fact, the reason why Chinese goods are cheap is not their low quality; Rather, this low price is due to cheap labor and therefore the final price is lower than similar products in other countries. Anyway, the products of this country with any quality can be seen in all countries and have their own buyers.

If you are just thinking about importing from China, it is better to read this article to the end to know more about this issue and to get acquainted with the steps of importing from China. Our intention in this article is to answer the questions that may arise for those who have just stepped into this field and intend to import major or partial imports from China.

Import status from China

China has been Iran's trading partner for many years. A large volume of imports and exports flows between these two countries. As the statistics of 2019 show that about 10 billion dollars of imports from China were in 70 customs and ports of Iran. This amount shows a high volume of imports, which indicates the high trade relations between the two countries of Iran and China.

In the past years, statistics published by Iran's customs have shown that China and the United Arab Emirates are the two countries that have the largest volume of goods exported to Iran. Turkey, Germany and South Korea took the next positions.

This issue has attracted the attention of many Iranian businessmen and every day the number of those who intend to import from China to Iran is increasing. But the first thing they should be aware of is proper understanding of the market and its needs. For this purpose, it seems very important to check the volume of imports from China and check the most important and most imported goods to Iran. Therefore, in the next part, we will try to deal with this issue and check the important goods.

What are the best goods to import from China?

As mentioned, it seems necessary to know the important goods for starting a business and major import from China or partial import from China.

According to the information published by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce website, the list of goods imported from China can be summarized in the following groups:

- Industrial parts and machines

- Car accessories


- Mobile and computer parts and accessories

- Chemical and mineral raw materials

- Construction parts and household appliances

What goods and products do partial imports from China include?

Looking at the products mentioned, you will notice that most of these products are goods needed by factories and major industries, and therefore represent major imports from China.

But partial imports from China are also observed in Iran to a significant extent. There are many traders who are engaged in the import of minor products to Iran. These businessmen and economic activists do this activity in order to cover specific needs of consumers and import small and special goods.

Some of these products and goods are:

- Mobile phones and accessories for mobile phones and computers

-Plastic parts and accessories

- Tools needed for sewing

- Wallpaper and similar items

-Home Appliances

- Types of lighting devices and lamps

- Types of faucets and piping connections

- Men's and women's clothes

- Fabric and its different types

- Nuts and bolts

Minimum capital required for imports

This question is one of those questions, the answer to which requires knowing some issues. Issues such as the amount and volume of the product in question, the type of product, how to transport it and issues like this. Therefore, the exact estimate of the minimum required capital cannot be stated.

But you should keep in mind that even if you want to start the process of importing from China with the least amount of capital, there is a possibility of high risk. You should keep in mind that the business you want to start may fail and cause you huge and irreparable losses.

Therefore, in this regard, you should act with great care and attention and consult with consultants and experts in this field. Check the type of imported product carefully and be aware of all its points and then take action.

Note that a businessman needs credit and experience more than he needs capital and financial assets. The credit you earn in the business market has a much higher value than your material capital, and maybe even when you have a lack of liquidity and financial capital, your credit in the labor market will save you from possible future crises. .

What are the costs of importing from China?

The costs you will incur for importing from China depend on many things. You can minimize these costs if you have experience or consult with expert consultants in this matter.

But in general, the costs are as follows:

- The price of the product purchased in the country of origin, which is China.

- Costs incurred for product inspection.

-Costs related to customs

- Order registration and currency allocation

- Costs related to transportation

-Costs related to warehousing goods

- Costs related to goods clearance

- Cargo insurance fee

Sometimes, some of these costs are subject to discounts and some exemptions, which can affect your final cost. Therefore, it is better to know the type of goods that can be listed as discounted goods.

Steps to import from China

In this part of the discussion, we will discuss the steps of importing from China and we want to know what steps we should go through if we intend to import parts from China or major imports from China. Learn the zero to hundred steps of importing from China here.

1-Estimating the adequacy of your capital to start business with China

The first thing that is needed to start any business is capital. You must first determine whether you are eligible to start a business or not. You must know whether you have enough capital for the amount of goods and the type of goods you intend to import from China to Iran.

To diagnose this problem, you should check the price of the desired product in the country of origin and estimate all its side costs. The costs that were raised in the section on import costs from China have covered all the costs required for this issue. Check whether your capital is enough to cover all these expenses.

The point that you should pay attention to in this section is the amount and volume of the import of the product you are looking for. You should keep in mind that the costs you incur for importing will lower your profit margin if it is done for a smaller volume. In other words, if you import less than a certain amount, it may even cost you.

2- Examining the market demand and the product's admissibility

In the second step, you should check which goods are suitable for import. You should choose a product knowing that there is a great demand for this type of product in the consumer market. You should keep in mind that if you are a new importer and you want to start business for the first time, don't look for products that require a proper and strong distribution system to start with. Because it will not be a wise choice for you.

For the first time, try not to import products that are of low value even with high demand. An example of this can be paper. You have to import more of this product for a higher profit and therefore your shipping costs will be much higher.

So our suggestion for you to import from China is to try unique daily products. Common everyday products can be used by retailers on a daily basis and people buy these products directly from retailers. So it cannot be a suitable option for new traders.

But instead you can try unique daily products. You should buy products that have fewer competitors and are in high demand. Fewer competitors mean that you will capture the target market. For example, hoses and irrigation pipes used in gardens have been able to bring a lot of profit to traders.

You should also consider whether the goods you intend to import are allowed in the destination country or not. It means whether you are allowed to import such goods or not. You should check what goods are allowed to enter Iran.

3-selection of the seller

At this stage, you have to choose the seller. Sellers are usually divided into manufacturers, assemblers, large and small companies, and importing companies. You should know which of these groups the product you want belongs to.

You can try different ways to choose a seller. You can search directly from Google or from sites that operate in this field. For example, one of the reliable sites active in this field is the Alibaba site. This site can help you in various fields for partial import from China or major import from China.

Another way to find the seller or supplier you want is to find them through trade shows, wholesale markets or industrial estates. Every year, different exhibitions are held in China. In these exhibitions, you can familiarize yourself with their product range and, if you are satisfied, enter into negotiations with them regarding the supply of goods.

You can also search for suppliers of your products in wholesale markets or industrial towns to import from China. In industrial towns, there are usually product manufacturers and therefore you can directly communicate with them.

Of course, we suggest you to check the background and work history of the suppliers so that you can act with more confidence. It is better to start a huge business, move with eyes and ears open and examine all aspects.

4- Check technical specifications and price list

At this stage, you should check the product in terms of technical specifications and price. Our suggestion is that you have information about the price of similar products so that you don't buy the product at a much higher price. Also, you must have good bargaining power so that you can buy the product at the desired price from the Chinese seller.

After agreeing on the price, ask the seller to show you the samples of the products and you can check the product and the desired product in terms of technical specifications and required standards.

5-Receive proforma invoice and send remittance

After the necessary agreements, receive the proforma invoice and transfer some of the amount in dollars or yuan so that the supplier of your goods can produce and prepare your goods.

6-Checking customs information and conditions for importing goods

Now you need to know all the rules related to customs and its costs and take action in this regard. In order not to get into trouble, you should get information about all the techniques and rules of this issue. It seems necessary to know the standards of import and authorization of goods and shipping documents and such things.

7- Other required steps

The final stages also include things such as registering the order in the Ministry of Commerce, receiving initial permits, coordination of goods transportation, inspection documents and customs clearance. You should bear in mind that you are responsible for the costs of duties and customs duties and other costs related to the clearance of goods.

The best methods of importing from China

As you know, Iran has many customs, ports and airports through which you can export and import. Statistics show that in the first few months of last year, the Shahid Rajaei special region had the highest amount of imports. This amount was more than 201 million dollars.

In the following, we mention some important customs through which you can import.

- Imam Khomeini port (RA)

- Chabahar Free Trade Zone

Bushehr Special Zone 1

West of Tehran

- Shahid Rajaei Special Zone Customs

Imam Khomeini Airport (RA)

- Special economic zone of Bam

- Tehran, import affairs

There are different ways to do business with China. land, sea and air methods. All three of these methods exist in the mentioned customs and you can use these three methods depending on your conditions, the type of imported goods and the transportation costs.

Advantages of importing from China

Doing business with China has many advantages, and we will examine some of them in this section.

1-Unique products

Chinese manufacturers always add innovation and creativity to their products, and this is a great option to increase potential customers.

2- Very low price of goods

As you know, the price of Chinese goods is very low due to cheap labor. This is a big bonus to increase your profit.

3- Rapid growth of your business

When you want to start importing from China, you are considered a potential opportunity for people who want to act as your sales representative. Because the number of people who are eager to work in the field of importing from China or selling Chinese products is very large and it is increasing every day.

4- Quality product

Many think that Chinese goods are not durable and of poor quality. But it is never like this. Rather, there is a wide range of products with different qualities. So you can be sure of the high quality and low price of these products. You can also convey this assurance to the buyers of these products and make them confident about the purchase they make from you.

Advice for importing from China

Trade rules and regulations are changing every day and this issue may affect the process of importing from China. Also, the cultural, political and economic conditions of China are such that you have to have different abilities and skills to be able to carry out trade and partial import from China or major import from China.

Therefore, all businessmen active in this field need advice. There are several methods for counseling, which are discussed in this section.

The first is embassies and consulates. There are several Iranian consulates and commercial advisors in different provinces of China that you can visit and consult with them regarding your business problems.

These centers have expert consultants and economic experts who can provide you with good advice and help you to solve your problems.

These centers include the Iranian Embassy in Beijing, the Iranian Consulate General in Shanghai, the Iranian Commercial Counselor in Shanghai, the Iranian Consulate General in Guangzhou, the Iranian Commercial Counselor in Beijing, and also the Chinese Embassy in Tehran in Iran.

The next thing is import and export consulting companies. Various companies are operating for this purpose and you can get good advice from them regarding the import of goods and other commercial activities.

Import difficulties from China

Import goods from china
Import goods from china

Importing from China is not always as easy as it seems and it does not always go smoothly. Before sourcing from China, foreign businesses should keep some essential points in mind and take the necessary steps to ensure that this process; This means that imports from China are going as smoothly as possible and there are no problems on their way

In general, importing products from China can lead to various problems if you do not have proven experience in this field, and this experience of creating problems during the import process makes companies say that importing from China is not a good option. .

In the rest of this section, stay with us to get to know the common problems of importing from China and to learn the necessary basic principles for importing from China.

The main problems of importing goods from China

In many cases, the problems of importing from China start from the very initial stage during the study and selection. Some of the most common main problems of importing goods from China have been explained below:

Choose to provide

Lack of awareness of the vast Chinese market leads many companies to conduct erroneous market studies that do not provide sufficient information about the competitiveness of the selected supplier. Problems can start quickly when you choose the wrong manufacturer 

Cost reduction study 

Investigating cost reduction methods is a problem that arises early in the process but is often not recognized until later. When you start calculating the cost of any imported product, you may not take into account certain factors such as paying customs duties or even the cost of traveling to China, which may be necessary in the process of buying and importing from China.

Communication problems

In many cases, creating problems in communicating with the Chinese is the source of the rest of the problems in importing from China. This is not just about the language, but also some Asian cultural factors as well as the usual forms of negotiation in China. In fact, the reality of "not understanding" goes far beyond words

Possible failures or errors in the product

Sometimes the products that are going to be imported from China may have design errors which can ruin the import. This problem is usually caused by poor communication or sometimes by incorrect explanation. The impossibility of being present in time to solve possible problems in the first products causes some companies to receive full containers of these products that do not meet their expectations.

Quality standards

This is not a defect in itself, but it can be a big problem when importing from China. Usually, the quality standards in China do not match the standards of the destination country, and this is something that, if not identified in time, can cause a setback and even make the final sale of the items impossible.

Long waiting time

Although we live in a more connected world than ever, getting purchases from China is not synonymous with speed. From the moment the products leave the factory in China until they reach the importing company, it can take from two weeks to two months in the worst case. The wait, which in addition to being long, sometimes gets worse, is another problem of importing from China, and it is impossible to monitor the exact status of import operations.


If customs controls are not managed well, it can become a real hassle when importing from China. In addition to tariffs and additional fees to pay (which many companies did not consider in their initial study), sometimes the imported product may not meet the import requirements.

Essential and important tips for importing from China

Before sourcing and importing from China, foreign businesses should keep some essential points in mind and take the necessary steps to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that they will not encounter any problems. In general, importing from China or sourcing from China is a complicated task in most cases. It is strongly recommended that businesses develop a clear sourcing strategy by outlining their business strategy, resources and market conditions before taking steps to import from China, and then proceed to identify competent and committed suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Communicate repeatedly with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers about your product needs and then triple check. Chinese companies may not fully understand the product performance, quality and lifestyle requirements of Western countries and other Asian countries, and hence they may produce products to their satisfaction but not to your satisfaction. To avoid this, you can't just check the samples, but you should do a pre-shipment inspection, especially for the first order. You may benefit from the expertise and experience of local agents or production inspection organizations for pre-shipment inspection.

Ensure a secure payment period. Chinese manufacturers usually accept 30% deposit and 70% by T/T (telegraphic transfer, a common payment option) upon shipment for the first order. However, this is a risky payment term for buyers because it is based on trade credit rather than an accurate third-party guarantee. A letter of credit is often a better guarantee for buyers as well as a fair payment term for sellers.

Protect your intellectual property and don't turn your suppliers into potential competitors. To ensure quality, many Western buyers generously transfer their technological know-how to their manufacturing partners in China, without considering the potential risk of losing intellectual property and fostering potential competitors in the global market. Hence, companies need to establish an IP protection mechanism both legally and commercially, which is much more complicated than having a patent and trademark registration in China. Companies need business advice from China business experts to establish a strong business mechanism to proactively protect IP.

Embrace China's subtle cultural differences and build a long-term partnership. China is a country full of "guanxi" (the system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate trade and other transactions), self-pride (especially with China's growing economic power in the global market), and social functions. So as the saying goes "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". To adapt to the business environment in China and build long-term partnerships with Chinese suppliers, Westerners need to understand and acknowledge these Chinese cultural differences, although they do not need to give up their Western cultural identity. Chinese businessmen are especially appreciative of foreigners who can say a few Chinese words such as enjoy "ganbei" (bottom up when drinking) or even a quote from an ancient Chinese poem.

Consider staging strategies and other models for sourcing from China Foreign companies have many options for importing from China. It is better to source the products you want through agents, import directly from manufacturers, or set up an on-the-ground logistics center in China. A popular model for overseas headquarters is to import directly from Chinese manufacturers at an early stage and then set up your own source offices in China at a later stage.

Have an emergency plan and backup suppliers. Never trust a supplier in China. Because there may be problems with suppliers or partnerships. So with back-up suppliers, you will have a more stable supply as well as stronger bargaining power

List of goods imported from China to Iran

According to the United Nations International Trade Database (COMTRADE), Iran's imports from China in 2018 were around 10.25 billion dollars. In the following, you will see the list of goods imported from China to Iran:

Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers

Electrical and electronic equipment

Vehicles other than railways, trams

Organic chemicals

Iron and steel and iron or steel products

Plastic and rubber

Paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard pulp products

Miscellaneous chemical products

Optical, photo, technical, medical devices

Inorganic chemicals, composition of precious metals, isotope

Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products



Tanning, dyeing extracts, tannins, derivatives, pigments

Furniture, lighting fixtures, prefabricated buildings

Oilseeds, oilseeds, seeds, fruits

Glass and glass containers

Miscellaneous products of base metal

Impregnated, coated or laminated textile fabric

Ceramic products

Tools, cutlery made of base metal

Salt, sulfur, soil, stone, plaster, lime and cement

Wood and wood products, charcoal

Toys, games, sports equipment

Railways, tram locomotives, rolling stock

Stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials

Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic invertebrates

Clocks and watches

Soap, lubricant, wax, candle, modeling paste

Albuminoids, modified starches, adhesives, enzymes

pharmaceutical products


Coffee, tea and spices

Photographic or cinematographic goods

Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers


Varnish, gum, resin

Leather products, animal guts, belts, travel items

Ships, boats and other floating structures

Sugar and sweets

Musical instruments, parts and accessories

Bird skin, feather, artificial flower, human hair

Essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics, cosmetics

Articles of apparel, not knitted or crocheted

Wool, animal hair, thread and horsehair fabric

Carpets and other textile floor coverings

Edible fruits, nuts, citrus peels, melons

Dairy products, eggs, honey, edible products

Works of art, collectibles and antiques

Fur and faux fur skins

living animals

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