importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Purchasing from China / Buying goods from China / Importing goods from China / Buying and importing goods from China

Purchase goods from china

Buy from china
Buy from china

Buying and importing goods from China

You can experience the best type of shopping from China with complete knowledge of the domestic markets of Iran and China with Aliwala Trading. When you can make a successful purchase from China with the lowest possible cost, it is not very wise to spend a huge amount on hotel rent and accommodation. In China, you can also refer to Aliwala Trading and receive your goods in the shortest possible time through a contract.  

Everything you need to know about buying from China

It is no secret that today China has become one of the top economies in the world and has been able to turn the markets of the whole world into its consumer market. This country has been able to establish its position as one of the largest suppliers of goods in the world. Therefore, buying from China is considered a very normal and everyday thing

There are different qualities for Chinese products and goods, but unfortunately, due to the fact that low-quality goods of this country have entered Iran more than durable and quality goods, so Chinese goods are synonymous with low-durable goods in the eyes of many people, but never You can label all Chinese products as low quality

If you intend to import goods from China , reading this article can help you and answer many of your questions . Iran may come to your mind or you may even be looking for the best buying agents from China , so we suggest you read this article until the end, we assure you that many of your questions will be answered at the end.

Statistics of purchasing goods from China

Buying from China is expanding every day and the number of people who want to buy goods from China is increasing every day. Fortunately, there are many facilities and facilities in the field of buying from China , paying in Iran and buying from China, delivering in Iran, and that's it. It is a problem that has made buying goods from China easy and convenient

Also, the price of Chinese goods is much lower than its similar goods, and this is another reason to encourage people to buy from China, so it is clear that the exchange between these two countries has a high volume. For example, in 2019, statistics from About 70 ports and customs of Iran have been published, the volume of imports from Iran has a value of about 10 billion dollars.

This value indicates the high volume of transactions between these two countries and the purchase of goods in bulk or in part from China. This can indicate the profitableness of the process of trading with China and buying goods from China, so if you intend to buy from If you have China, don't hesitate, just before buying, you need to get more information about this issue, which is our mission.

Buy from China without intermediaries

China is one of the countries that has experienced a very high economic growth in the last few years. To better understand this, you should know that about ninety percent of all the goods that are produced in the world are made in this country, hence the import of goods . from China can bring a lot of profits for importers

Of course, in order to be able to benefit from importing Chinese goods to the market, you must experience buying without intermediaries from China or buying directly from China. In this way, you can easily get the highest possible income from imports by reducing costs and breaking down obstacles. Get Chinese goods

Points to keep in mind when buying from foreign sites

Maybe there are few people who have never done online shopping. Online shopping is really simple and does not require special expertise, but when you want to buy from foreign sites, it seems necessary to pay attention to some points. What are these points? It can help you make a comfortable purchase in small or general purchases. Observing these tips when importing goods from China will make you experience a safe and comfortable purchase and you will receive the goods and products you want soon.

The points that are better to follow when buying Chinese goods from foreign sites are:

It is better to read all the rules of the site carefully before buying

Currency price fluctuations is a factor that can affect the price of your goods, so in this regard, you must have a high speed in purchasing so that you do not suffer from price fluctuations during the purchase. Chinese goods sales sites are not responsible for currency fluctuations and changes The price of the item you want is not accepted

It is better to keep the information given to you by the seller's website regarding your purchased product until you receive the product and avoid publishing it in order to avoid any possible problems.

Try to declare your postal address clearly and clearly, this address must include the postal code

You must make the purchase from your personal bank card because if it is found that the deposit was made by someone else, your order may be canceled.

There are different ways to receive the goods, you must choose one of these ways to receive your goods

Steps to buy from China

When you want to buy goods from China for business purposes, it is necessary to follow a series of points, it does not matter whether your purchase is online or in person. Anyway, you have to do some steps to buy from China and deliver in Iran. These steps briefly include the following

Investigating the capital required to buy goods from China, you must make sure that you can afford the costs of buying from China

If you want to start your business, you must know what goods to buy. For this, you must check the market needs and high-demand goods and then proceed to purchase.

- Choosing a seller

You should check which seller can supply your product with high quality and low price. There are different ways to choose a seller. There are also many online stores operating in this field, some of which were mentioned above.

Check product specifications and price

You should check the product provided by the Chinese seller and make sure it meets the required standards and start bargaining on the price.

Receipt of invoice and currency transfer

After agreeing on the price, you must transfer some of the price of the goods in dollars or yuan

Proceed to receive the goods at the destination

In this section, you must complete customs procedures and obtain the necessary permits. Finally, you can receive your purchased goods at your desired destination.

Product sourcing problems

First, we need to provide a definition of sourcing. When you are looking for production sources and shopping centers in order to find goods and products with high quality and low prices, you are actually sourcing.

This step is actually one of the important steps to start doing business with China and buying from China . This step is not very easy and in this process we will be involved in problems and confusions, some of which we will explain in this section.

A large number of suppliers

There are many suppliers and manufacturers of Chinese goods. When you want to buy from China for the first time, you may not know which manufacturer can be reliable and you will not have any problems in the process of exchanging goods with this supplier.

 You should do a lot of research regarding the suppliers of goods so that you do not incur losses and lose your capital.

In some cases, it has been observed that the requested item does not match the item sent, or the quality of the received item is much lower than the item you purchased, so you need to be very careful in this area so as not to get into trouble.

Need to visit factories

If you want to start doing business with China on a large scale, you should not be limited to online shopping, you should be able to visit the suppliers' factories and check the products. For those who do not live in China, it is not a simple matter and it requires time, money and expertise

Language and culture barriers

It is very good that if you intend to do business with China, you can speak Chinese and be familiar with their culture. Even if you can speak English, you may still have misunderstandings in the process of exchange and not be able to understand each other's meaning. Understand well that this issue can affect your agreements and due to a misunderstanding of the meaning, mistakes may occur for which neither party will take responsibility.

How to find a reliable source of purchase in China?

Buying goods from China and finding the right source of the goods supplier is always an important concern. In this section, we point out some ways to find a reliable source of purchase.

Searching in Internet

This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to find Chinese suppliers. Sites like Alibaba, Made in China and Global Source can help you in this field. There are thousands of sellers on these sites, and you can use filters that There you can start your targeted search

Some of these sites provide you with complete information about Chinese manufacturers, information such as factory status, production capacity, and quality of manufactured products, but the point that you should pay attention to is that these sites are only physical suppliers and manufacturers. Introduces the product and their introduction is not a reason for their reliability, so you should be very careful to find the reliable manufacturer.

Trade fairs

Every year, many Chinese manufacturers hold many exhibitions in different countries. You can attend these exhibitions and communicate closely with the manufacturers and talk to them, check their products and Be sure of their quality and ability to do business with them

Sourcing agencies or purchase brokers from China

There are many agencies that have a lot of experience and skills in this field and will do this for you by charging a commission. Buying agents from China can also do this for you, so you can safely do your work. Leave it to them

The costs that you have to bear to buy from China and deliver in Iran

When you want to buy from China, pay in Iran, or buy from China to deliver in Iran, you have to bear costs. These costs include the price of goods, exchange and bank fees for currency conversion and remittance, the cost of transporting goods by ground, sea and air methods, customs fees at the origin, customs at the destination and internal transportation costs.

Recommendations for buying from China and points to follow

When buying from China, if you follow some points, you can make a better purchase, so remembering these points will not be without grace

 Learn the art of bargaining

This issue is one of the important issues that can increase your purchasing power, of course, remember that haggling for fixed prices is useless, haggling skills will help you get the quality product you want at a better and more suitable price. procure and therefore increase your profit margin

Be aware of counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods are abundant in the Chinese market. This is especially true for electronic devices. Be sure to try the product you are interested in before buying either in parts or in whole.

Sometimes there are illogical discounts for products, be sure to be suspicious of these products, of course, the sellers of fake products know that a large discount may be suspicious, so they may not discount it much and give a high price for their product. You should be aware of this. cases

 Be firm but polite

Sometimes you may offer very low prices that make the seller angry. You should keep your cool and avoid any insults and inappropriate behavior.

 Use reliable shipping companies

When buying in bulk from China , pay attention to freight companies so that God forbid you don't lose your capital, make sure to sign contracts with reliable companies and don't lose the reliability of the company because of low prices.

 Use native people as your representatives

It is better for you to have a Chinese representative who you can use in the process of concluding the contract. Native representatives can have many advantages for you. These people can help you tremendously due to their familiarity with the environment, culture and customs. In the pre-purchase stage, local people can help you in finding a reliable manufacturer, at the time of purchase, they can help you in the process of bargaining and closing the agreement and memorandum of understanding, as well as after the purchase, they can help you in controlling and following up your load. Have a lot for you

What kind of goods can you get more profit by buying from China?

If you are buying from China in order to start a business and sell it in Iran, the answer to this question cannot be certain because it depends on many issues, but in general there is no product that is 100% guaranteed. May it give you a lot of profit for sure

In this field, you should do a lot of research, you should have a lot of experience, or consult with those who have a lot of experience. You should be able to check the demand and needs of the market. And also know the price of the goods at the destination

In this regard, purchasing agents from China can help you. These people have a lot of experience in these matters and therefore can provide you with many services.

Also, there are many trading companies that can provide consulting services or even purchase from China for you, so you can entrust the work to them with peace of mind and do not worry about it.

What are the characteristics of buying from China?

China is one of the largest cheap shopping centers for the whole world. Chinese workers offer their activities and work at the cheapest possible cost. Also, the materials produced in this country are offered with different qualities and reasonable prices. Buying from China and Importing goods to Iran is one of the most profitable businesses for Iranian businessmen  

For this purpose, Iranian businessmen use the help of Aliwala trading representatives. You can also get the necessary advice from the experts of this collection on the way to a profitable purchase. No need to worry, just sign a contract with this company and leave all the steps of buying from China to them.  

 To learn more about how to buy from this country and its steps, you can read the rest of the text

Steps to buy from China 

In the first step, when you are looking to buy from this country, you must have information about the market of the specific goods you want to import from China in Iran. All merchants are looking to buy cheap goods in China and expensive goods in Iran. Our suggestion is for this type of purchase. Importing communication devices such as mobile phones and laptops, importing clothes and ordering them from Chinese manufacturers can also be among the best choices. The next step will be to refer to Ali Wala Trading

 At first, you sign a contract with the managers of this company and they take all the responsibility of buying your goods from China . In the next step, the special representatives of this business will package your goods in a special way and send them to the customs.  

 After that, it is time to clear the goods and pay duties, and in the last step, the representatives of this company will deliver your goods to your desired destination.

 As you have seen, the special agents of Aliwala Trading Company were responsible for all the steps of buying from this country, and you did not take the slightest effort in this direction. Therefore, our proposal to buy from this country will be Ali Wala

The best way to buy from China

However, the low cost of buying from this country is very suitable for Aliwala trading and it supplies the goods needed by Iranians. This purchase helps all the income deciles from various goods, so buying from this country also helps the merchants. It slows down and satisfies public needs

Alivala trading company
Alivala trading company
Shirink packing machine
Shirink packing machine

Importing Shirink Pack tunnel machine 

Shirink Pack tunnel import is one of the most profitable imports. Shirink Pack Tunnel is one of the types of packaging machines. With this type of machine you can pack products with transparent and tight plastic nylon. This machine is suitable for packaging a variety of products, which is why it is used in most factories. 

In general, it is one of the most widely used devices in various factories. But the device is not manufactured in domestic markets, so tunnel packages are imported from foreign countries. If you want to import different types of packaging machines, you need to know that importing different types of machines has different steps and rules. Here, 

Alivala trade company provides you with complete information on the import of the Shirink Pack tunnel for further guidance and successful imports Join us 

Country For import tunnel Shirink package for imported tunnel Shirink machine You must choose a country that complies with the imported laws of the destination country as well as the original tunnel packaging machines. With over a century of experience, 

Alivala Trading introduces China as one of the best countries for importing a variety of devices. The cost of buying from China is much more affordable than buying and importing from other countries. Affordable prices are one of the main reasons traders for major imports from China. Imported goods from this country are of good quality and at a very good price. This makes it well sold in the domestic market and the importer can make a lot of money in this way. 

How to import a tunnel Shirink pack machine 

For importing a tunnel Shirink there are steps taken, each step having its own rules and conditions. Here is complete information about importing this type of device. 

Business license To import a tunnel Shirink packing machine 

you first need to get your business license . With this license you can easily import any type of device into the country's internal borders. But if you don't have this license , you can't enter it at all. 

Legal Permissions to Import Tunnel Shrink

 The next step in importing tunnel Shirink package after obtaining a business license to obtain legal licenses for imports. You must obtain import licenses from the relevant organizations to import any type of device. By issuing these licenses you can legally import your imports. But if none of your licenses are issued, your imports will be considered illegal. Introduction to import laws for successful and legal imports You must be familiar with the laws of the destination country. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations regarding the import of goods to its domestic borders. The importer must comply with these rules. In general, the importer must know what goods are prohibited from domestic borders or imported into the domestic market. It also needs to know which countries it can trade with. Knowing these laws helps import without problems and in accordance with the law. If the importer is not aware of these rules. This may lead to the seizure of imported goods and the payment of fines by violating its import law. Introduction to different types of shear packaging machines There are different types of shear packaging machines. Before importing, 

you need to know exactly which devices are in demand in the domestic market. Because you may enter a device that is not in demand in the domestic market. If so, you have lost your import Introduction to Shirink Packaging Machines Select a valid supplier to import tunnel cutting package You must find a reputable supplier in the exporting country. You can find many people as a supplier. But the important thing about importing this type of device is the quality of the device. Unfortunately, in exporting countries, many of them offer low quality and counterfeit machines. So you may be trapped in such people. As a result, it is best to research the history of suppliers before selecting the Shirink Pack tunnel to choose the most prestigious. With over half a century of international trade experience’ of Alivala Trading company can introduce you to the most reputable supplier for importing a variety of devices. Get a sample from your producer by requesting a sample to make sure the tunnel package is better. This allows you to check the performance of the device, speed, quality, parts. If you are unfamiliar with closed Shirink machines, you can get help from a skilled expert. Setting up a legal contract After careful examination of the device, you can set up a legal contract with your supplier to continue the process of importing the tunnel Shirink package machine 

The contract must refer to the cost of each device, cost and delivery time, payment method, delivery method, final cost. You can get help from Alivala trading company's business consultants for a legal and secure contract. There are various ways to choose the method of importing a tunnel Shirink packaging machine into the internal boundaries. The importer must choose the appropriate method according to the cost and conditions of each shipping method. 

Here we introduce you to different shipping methods around the world. Air shipping are more suitable for time-sensitive goods. That is, over time they break down, such as food, medicine, herbs, and so on. Because it delivers the goods to the destination country in the shortest possible time. They also use this method to carry small and small volumes. But the important thing in this type of transport is the high cost of transportation. Air shipping also has a load limit for shipping. 

Sea transport is another way of shipping that has been used since ancient times. This method has no load restriction and is suitable for transportation in large size and weight . The important thing about this method of sending is a lot of time to send it. Therefore, it is not suitable for delivery of time sensitive goods. However, most traders use this method to send goods around the world because it is much more affordable than other methods. 

Land delivery This method of transport is done by rail and truck . The timing and cost of shipping vary depending on the distance between the two countries of destination and origin. 

Customs clearance is the last step in importing a Shirink tunnel packing machine into domestic markets. At this point you must have full clearance documents. Because in the absence of any of the documents, clearance is not permitted

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